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DKI - DTKJ Gelar FGD Mempertanyakan Kembali Keselamatan Transjakarta
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Dishub - DTKJ Holds Meeting to Discuss Transjakarta Service Quality Improvement

The Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) and the Jakarta Transportation Council (DTKJ) held a focus group discussion (FGD) with the theme 'Questioning the Safety of Transjakarta'.

Let's continue to synergize and collaborate to create a better Jakarta transportation

The second FGD series, which was held online and offline, invited participants from the driver element, Jakarta Organization of Land Transportation Owners (Organda), transportation community, Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI), and media.

It was held to improve the quality of services provided by Transjakarta to all users and to improve Transjakarta's brand image for the sake of public trust.

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Jakarta DTKJ Chair Haris Muhammadun said it was held as he considers all stakeholders, as well as residents of Jakarta and its surroundings, to have the same love for Transjakarta.

He explained the meeting absorbed the aspirations of the elements directly involved such as drivers, operator partners, or Organda to the community who travel using Transjakarta.

"This is our love and pride for Transjakarta. This public transportation should be able to run well," he expressed, Wednesday (4/6).

He also hoped that it could provide valuable material and input in terms of better Transjakarta service.

"Let's continue to synergize and collaborate to create a better Jakarta transportation," he stressed.

Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) Head Syafrin Liputo explained it was held in order to support Transjakarta services in the future to be safer.

To improve mass public transportation services in Jakarta, especially Transjakarta, the administration has been trying to improve all existing elements. Thus, the services provided meet the aspects of following the minimum service standards according to Gubernatorial Regulation number 13/2019 on Minimum Service Standards for Transjakarta Public Transport Services.

"Based on this minimum service standard, we together with Transjakarta continue to make improvements to the quality of service," he continued.

Based on the data, there were about 335 traffic accidents involving Transjakarta in 2021. During the first quarter of 2022, precisely from January to March 2022, the Transjakarta bus accidents reached 207 cases.

"In total, 88 percent involve Transjakarta buses. While 12 percent, Transjakarta has accidents due to private vehicles," he added.

From this matter, he was also trying to identify the type of vehicle involved, where the most types of vehicles came from private vehicles, cars 29 percent and motorcycles 28 percent.

Thereby, this forum could explore and find a common thread that causes many accidents involving Transjakarta buses. It was also expected to create constructive input for maximum improvement.

"Based on the results of the NTSC investigation and audit, there are 14 recommendations that we are currently continuing to improve. Hope today's meeting can discuss many things and provide solutions to improve Transjakarta services in the future," he closed.

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