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Ini Rekomendasi DTKJ Untuk Pembangunan Sistem Transportasi Masa Transisi di Pemprov DKI 2023-2024
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Here is DTKJ's Recommendation for Transportation System Development in 2023-2024

The Jakarta Transportation Council (DTKJ) has some recommendations for the sustainable development of the JakLingko integrated transportation system in 2023-2024, starting from continuing paid road projects or ERP to pedestrian and cyclist networks.

ERP implementation must be realized if the Bylaw has been set

"ERP implementation must be realized if the Bylaw has been set, as this limitation is very important to maintain Jakarta's ranking in the TomTom Index, the World's Most Congested Cities Ranking. Jakarta is currently ranked 46th in the world," expressed DTKJ Chair Haris Muhammadun in a written statement to, Thursday (4/7).

He went on to say that the station revitalization program to be physically and modally integrated with road transportation should also be prioritized in the context of developing the public transportation system.

Dishub - DTKJ Holds Meeting to Discuss Transjakarta Service Quality Improvement

"Then continue the development of a comfortable pedestrian and cyclist network, thus the implementation of transportation for all can be carried out consistently," he continued.

His party also recommended the expansion of microtrans services that are incorporated in mode integration with Transjakarta and other modes. Then was the completion of plans for the formation of the Jakarta Shipping BLUD and the Jakarta Port BLUD to realize equitable transportation in Seribu Islands.

"We also recommend continuing the electrification of Transjakarta buses and improving services to Safe Transjakarta. Then continue the construction of the MRT and LRT following the planning documents, especially related to targets and implementation schedules," he said.

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