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H+7 10.381 Penumpang Tiba di Terminal Kalideres
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Kalideres Bus Terminal Welcomes 10,604 Returning Travelers

The terminal situation is conducive so far

From D+1 to D+6 of Eid al-Fitr, it is noted that as many as 10,604 travelers have returned to Jakarta through the Kalideres Bus Terminal, West Jakarta.

Based on the latest data, the peak of the backflow had seen on Sunday (5/8).

Backflow of Home-bound Travelers to Jakarta Reaches 62,549

Kalideres Bus Terminal Vice Head Gathut Hendro Wahyono said, until D+6 or today, around 10,604 travelers had arrived at the terminal using 1,396 buses.

On May 3, 2022, the number of passengers returning and going back and forth was still relatively small with a total of 213 people with 86 buses.

Then the number increased on May 4, 2022, which reached 367 people with 102 buses. On May 5, 506 passengers arrived at the terminal with 141 buses, and it increased again on May 6 which reached 1,221 people with 172 buses.

The same condition was also seen on May 7 with 2,514 passengers using 332 buses. The peak of the backflow occurred on May 8, 2022, with 4,197 passengers using 363 buses.

"However, the number has decreased significantly today. Until 1:30 PM, 1,586 passengers arrived with 196 buses," he explained, Monday (5/9).

When calculated, the total number of travelers arriving at the terminal reached 10,604 people with a total bus of 1,392 units.

During the Eid homecoming period, his party was collaborating with Jakarta Health Agency (Dinkes) to set up a health post at the terminal, including with Polda Metro Jaya, TNI army, and Satpol PP to maintain the comfort and safety of passengers.

"The terminal situation is conducive so far. We urge passengers not to get off on the side of the road," he stated.

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