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Transjakarta Jajaki Penerbitan Global Bond di London Stock Exchange
photo Budhi Firmansyah Surapati -

Transjakarta Explores Global Bond Issuance on the London Stock Exchange

Transjakarta is exploring the issuance of Green Bonds on the London Stock Exchange, which is also a form of support for the government in achieving the Net Zero Emission target.

We had the opportunity to discuss Transjakarta's plans for the development of electric buses and sustainable transportation in Jakarta

The exploration itself was marked by the visit of President Director M Yana Aditya and PT Transjakarta Safety and Operations Director Yoga Adiwinarto to the London Stock Exchange on Thursday (5/12). It was attended by London Stock Exchange's Capital Markets and Products Department Head Shery Kholi.

"We had the opportunity to discuss Transjakarta's plans for the development of electric buses and sustainable transportation in Jakarta," expressed Aditya, in a written statement received by, Friday (5/13).

Transjakarta Opens Cooperation in Electric Bus Procurement

According to him, the development of electric buses in Jakarta is in line with the Green Bond concept of the London Stock Exchange which is oriented towards environmental protection. To support it, he hopes for financial support.

As the future fleet, it was expected to reduce pollution levels by up to 28 percent compared to the use of diesel-fueled buses. Additionally, CO2 emissions in the exhaust gas of electric buses can also be reduced by up to 50.3 percent compared to the exhaust gas of diesel buses.

"Electric buses in Jakarta have been operating since March. In 2030, 300 buses were targeted to be operated. So, we look forward to working with the London Stock Exchange to reduce carbon emissions, particularly in the public transport sector," he added.

To strengthen electric bus electrification, he also discussed the development of cooperation with the flagship program under the UK's International Climate Finance (ICF) portfolio, UK PACT.

The cooperation, which has been going on for a year, will focus on electrifying electric buses, which is one of the efforts to achieve the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

"This project is a continuation of the first project in which UK PACT, through ITDP, will provide technical assistance to Transjakarta in developing a sound final business case (FBC) for optimal service," he stated.

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