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Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu Launching Masjid Maulana Mahmud Zakaria di Pulau Panjang
photo Anita Karyati -

Seribu Islands Presents Religious Tourism on Panjang Island

The Seribu Islands Regency administration presents a religious tourism destination on Panjang Island, Kelapa Island Urban Village, North Seribu Islands Sub-district. There are the Mosque and Tomb of Sultan Maulana Mahmud Zakaria, who is one of the nobles of the Banten Sultanate.

It is expected to revive the economy of the islanders

This religious tourism destination was inaugurated by Seribu Islands Regent Junaedi, which was marked by the beating of a drum.

According to him, the addition of new tourist destinations on Panjang Island was part of the strategy to develop the Seribu Islands concept. It is not only known for marine tourism, natural cultivation, and cuisine, but the Seribu islands is also a location for religious tourism destinations.

Pilgrims Flock to Religious Tourism on Panjang Island

"It is expected to revive the economy of the islanders, especially the residents of Kelapa and Harapan islands," he expressed, on Panjang Island, Friday (5/13).

He also hoped that it could attract tourists to visit Panjang Island. In the future, there would also be culinary and shopping destinations.

"Hopefully the development here (Panjang Island) can be sustainable through collaboration between the local government and stakeholders," he hoped.

At the inauguration, Jakpreneurs or SMEs from Kelapa and Harapan islands showcased culinary products such as pempek (fish cake), salted fish, fish crackers, and so on.

One of Kelapa Urban Village's assistants Linda (40) expressed her gratitude and pride for the addition of a tourist destination on Panjang Island. It was expected to raise the business of Jakpreneurs, especially in Kelapa and Harapan islands which have an impact on improving the people's economy.

"We hope more tourists will visit and more of our products will be sold," she said.

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