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Pemprov DKI Optimis JaKreatiFest 2022 Dukung Kemajuan UMKM
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Jakarta: JaKreatiFest Supports MSME Progress and Economic Recovery

Jakarta Vice Governor Ahmad Riza Patria attended the 2022 Jakarta Creative Festival (JaKreatiFest) Opening Ceremony initiated by the Bank Indonesia Representative Office (KPwBI) Jakarta, at Sarinah Mall, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (6/16). The Jakarta administration is optimistic that support, innovation, and collaboration from various parties can advance MSMEs in order to accelerate economic recovery and growth, especially in Jakarta.

Jakarta's economic growth continues to improve in line with national economic growth

"Jakarta's economic growth continues to improve in line with national economic growth. This recovery is certainly supported by our joint success in handling Covid-19. Therefore, through JaKreatiFest, we hope it motivates MSMEs for a better economy in Jakarta," expressed the Vice Governor, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

He then also hoped that in the future, collaborations involving various parties could be sustainable. It was very important as the recovery of the affected sectors and strengthening of various sources of new economic growth still needed to be monitored together so that economic growth had global competitiveness, inclusive, and sustainable.

Recovering Economy, Jakarta Provides Incentives and Ease of Payment for PBB-P2

He believed that the economy would turn faster and the economic recovery would continue along with the easing of capacity and space for all economic sectors, including MSMEs, creative economy, and tourism. It could not be separated from good coordination between the regional government, central government, entrepreneurs, and all stakeholders.

"I would like to give my greatest appreciation to the Bank Indonesia Jakarta Representative Office for the contribution in terms of controlling inflation, encouraging investment and economic growth, developing MSMEs and digitalization, as well as various collaborations with us, including the holding of JaKreatiFest today," he continued.

The collaboration that was realized together, especially in the context of MSMEs was in line with the Jakpreneur program programmed by the administration. Aside that, the implementation of Jakpreneur's QRIS is also one of the innovations in the effort to digitize MSME transactions, not least in terms of the ease of monitoring transaction developments through the Jakpreneur QRIS dashboard.

"There are at least 120 collaborators in the Jakpreneur program. The administration has made various breakthroughs, including obtaining 150,000 small and medium business permits, such as E-order marketing, providing Jakpreneur costs, etc," he continued.

BI Deputy Governor Aida S. Budiman expressed her gratitude for the implementation of the third year of JakreatiFest. Amid global uncertainty, Indonesia needs to ensure the role of MSMEs.

"BI continues to commit to making our MSMEs progress, including in Jakarta. We have three pillars, namely corporatization, capacity, and financing, which are carried out in synergy. The proud movement made in Indonesia, and proud of Indonesian tourism. Hope JaKreatiFest will increase the creativity of MSMEs as the locomotive of the Indonesian economy," she uttered.

Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Minister Teten Masduki was optimistic that JaKreatiFest could accelerate economic growth and encourage MSMEs to keep growing. "I'm optimistic that if given assistance, access to financing, the market, they (MSME) will grow and develop. We still have homework to encourage them toward go digital, what we are targeting is the micro ones," he concluded.

As for the information, JaKreatiFest is part of Jakarta's 495th anniversary, along with various events that also encourage economic activity, especially tourism with the spirit of "Enjoy Jakarta".

It has three parts. The first was in early June 2022, in the form of a consumer protection Webinar that was attended by 500 participants. Second, three days of entertainment which started yesterday at Sarinah Mall. Third, several series of follow-up events to support MSMEs and economic recovery.

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