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 Pimpinan Pemkot dan Pemkab Sampaikan Harapan di HUT Beritajakarta
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Congratulations and Prayers Keep Coming for Beritajakarta

Congratulations, prayers, and hopes continue to come from the ranks of the Jakarta administration to which is celebrating its 22nd anniversary and to its 2nd anniversary.

I hope and keep working and giving color to development in Jakarta

As stated by the city representatives from the five city areas and the Seribu Islands Regent who congratulated and prayed for Beritajakarta.

West Jakarta Mayor Yani Wahyu Purwoko hoped that at this age, Beritajakarta could produce journalistic works that are objective and intelligent, as well as educate the public. Moreover, in this era of digitalization, the accuracy and speed of information are much needed by the community.

Interviewed by Five Radios, Governor Conveys Messages and Hopes for Jakarta and its Residents

"I hope and keep working and giving color to development in Jakarta, especially West Jakarta with their journalistic works," he stated, Thursday (6/23).

Separately, South Jakarta Mayor Munjirin expressed his hope that Beritajakarta could grow and continue to exist as a source of reference for legislative, executive, and stakeholder news in Jakarta.

The same statement also came out from South Jakarta Secretary Ali Murthadho.

"I hope that Beritajakarta can keep being a reference source for the administration and stakeholders in Jakarta," he said.

East Jakarta Mayor M Anwar also expressed his hope that Beritajakarta could be an innovative, informative, and educative media. Likewise with East Jakarta Vice Mayor Hendra Hidayat.

"Happy anniversary anyway. Hopefully, you will continue to provide accurate and useful information for residents and become a trusted reference source. Continue to be creative and innovate for Jakarta," he hoped.

Then North Jakarta Mayor Ali Maulana Hakim hoped that Beritajakarta would continue to exist by reporting all activities, programs, achievements, and successes of the administration to residents.

"As a means of disseminating information from the administration's activities and programs, you must become an informative and educative media and can be accepted by the residents," he added.

Prayers and hopes also came from Seribu Islands Regent Junaedi, who wanted Beritajakarta to provide color for the dissemination of information about Jakarta in general to the public, both inside and outside the city.

"Warm greetings and keep going on and," he closed.

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