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Menang 2 Kategori di SAS Hackathon, Pemprov DKI Kembali Raih Penghargaan Dalam Ajang Global
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Again, Jakarta Wins Award in Global Event

The Jakarta administration has again won an award at an international event.

JAKSTAT Team presented 3 awards from the 2022 SAS Hackathon competition for Jakarta

This time, through the collaboration of the Jakarta Communications, Informatics, and Statistics Agency (Diskominfotik) with Starcore Analytic and IPB University, the administration won three awards at the 2022 SAS Hackathon in the public sector category under the name JAKSTAT Team.

"At the same time with Jakarta's 495th Anniversary, JAKSTAT Team presented 3 awards from the 2022 SAS Hackathon competition for Jakarta. The award is in the form of winning in the Public Sector and Asia Region categories, as well as being the best 3 in the Machine Learning category," expressed Diskominfotik Head Atika Nur Rahmania, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release, Thursday (6/23).

Jakarta Smart City Wins IDC Awards for Flood Control System Innovation

The JAKSTAT Team popped up a case study related to the condition of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in Jakarta after the Covid-19 pandemic.

2 questions are trying to answer. The first is how to distribute aid for MSMEs in Jakarta thus they can optimally contribute to the movement of GRDP (Gross Regional Domestic Product).

The second is how MSME assistance can be distributed based on its priorities. To answer the first question, the JAKSTAT Team simulated intelligent budget allocation through input-output analysis to find out how the impact of one business sector on other businesses.

This simulation allows the government to precisely determine which sector has the highest multiplier effect on other sectors. As for the second question is answered through the formulation of the distribution of the budget through vulnerability analysis, as well as other economic indicators.

With that analysis, the government can determine which areas need to be prioritized and how many distribution targets.

"This solution is expected to help monitor, evaluate, and continuously update decisions and policies for a better Jakarta and also contribute to the country," she explained in the uploaded video for the 2022 SAS Hackathon competition.

JAKSTAT Team won the Public Sector category after competing with 6 other finalist teams, namely Baywatch from France, Disaster Response from Canada, Disaster Vision from Canada, EcoMOTIONS from Italy, Heavy Rain from Germany, and The Bissel Center from Canada.

SAS Alliance Channel ASIA & EME Head Shyam Baddepudi who is also a jury in the Asia Region category uttered that the solution offered by JAKSTAT was very relevant given the many cases of misappropriation of government assistance of up to millions of dollars for handling the pandemic.

In this category, the JAKSTAT became the champion after competing with Data Hack Freaks from EY India and Medcheck Diabetes from Virtual Care Real World Data. The SAS Hackathon is an annual competition organized by the SAS Institute, a multinational statistical software company based in the United States.

This competition aims to bring together participants from various industries, regions, expertise, and backgrounds to jointly create big ideas using SAS Analytics.

Every year, participants from all over the world gather at the SAS Hackathon to compete with each other, fill in, and convey their big ideas regarding solutions to the problems that surround them.

In 2022, the SAS Hackathon will be attended by 1,300 participants from 75 countries. There are 9 categories in this year's competition, namely banking, energy, health, and life science, insurance, IoT (internet of things), public sector, retail, telecom and media, and agtech and manufacturing.

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