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BPS DKI Rilis Data Inflasi hingga Kunjungan Wisman ke Jakarta 2
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BPS Releases Inflation Data for Foreign Tourist Visits to Jakarta

The Jakarta Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released official statistics (BRS) data on inflation, exports, imports, foreign tourists, and hotel room occupancy rates (TPK) in Jakarta.

Most of the expenditure groups experienced inflation

Jakarta's inflation in July 2022 was recorded at 0.57 percent. In addition, there was an increase in exports and imports (m-to-m) to the TPK for hotels.

Jakarta BPS Head Anggoro Dwitjahyono explained that regarding inflation, each group of expenditure on goods and services has a different contribution to inflation. Most expenditure groups experienced inflation.

BPS: Room Occupancy Rate for Star Hotels in Jakarta Increases

"Most of the expenditure groups experienced inflation," he expressed, in a written statement received by, Tuesday (8/2).

BPS details the contribution of each group of goods and services to inflation, as follows:

- General group: 0.57 percent

- Food, beverage, and tobacco: 1.05 percent

- Clothing and footwear: 0.12 percent

- Housing, water, electricity, and fuel: 0.56 percent

- Household supplies, equipment, and maintenance: 0.39 percent

- Health: 0.05 percent

- Transportation: 0.83 percent

- Information, communication, and financial services: 0.00 percent

- Recreation, sports, and culture: 0.47 percent

He went on to say that the increase in exports of goods from Jakarta in June 2022 was USD 996.2 million, up 39.3 percent compared to the previous month (m-to-m).

"In contrast to the m-to-m growth, exports of goods from Jakarta in June compared to the same month the previous year, fell 1.1 percent (y-on-y)," he continued.

As for Jakarta's imports in June 2022 were recorded at USD 6.9 billion, up 16.9 percent (m-to-m). In line with m-to-m growth, imports in June compared to the same month a year earlier, also rose 20.7 percent (y-on-y).

BPS also released data on foreign tourists visiting Jakarta in June 2022, which was 85,587 visits, up 47.96 percent (m-to-m). When compared to June 2021, the increase reached 534.78 percent (y-on-y).

Then the TPK for star hotels in June 2022 was 54.3 percent, up 2.5 percentage points (m-to-m). When compared to June 2021, the TPK in June 2022 rose 2.4 percentage points (y-on-y).

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