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Food Station Jalin Kerja Sama Perkuat Ketahanan Pangan di Jakarta
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Food Station Gears Up to Strengthen Food Security in Jakarta

PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya (FSTJ) signed the Rice Commodity Standby Buyer Cooperation Agreement with partners in several areas.

This collaboration is a step to support Jakarta's food security and the activation of inflation control in Jakarta

Those partners were PT Mitra Desa Bersama Tempuran Karawang, West Java and Koperasi Produsen Rumpun Padi Berkah Cirebon, West Java.

The signing was executed by PT FSTJ President Director, Pamrihadi Wiraryo with representatives from the two partners on the sidelines of the Jakarta 2022 National Movement for Food Inflation Control.

Food Station Gears Up to Maintain Egg Stability in Jakarta

The event was held by Bank Indonesia Jakarta at the Heritage Building of the Bank Indonesia Representative Office Jakarta.

The signing was also witnessed by Jakarta Economy and Finance Assistant, Sri Haryati; Bank Indonesia Jakarta Head, Onny Wijanarko, Commission XI DPR Member, Anis Byarwati; Jakarta BP BUMD Acting Head, Fitria Rahadiani; Jakarta KPKP Agency Head, Suharini Eliawati; Operations and Business Director, Andre Maulana; as well as Finance and General Affairs Head, Budi Santoso.

PT FSTJ President Director, Pamrihadi Wiraryo stated in this collaboration, his party acts as a standby buyer for rice commodities with partners in several regions.

"This collaboration is a step to support Jakarta's food security and the activation of inflation control in Jakarta," he expressed, Wednesday (9/21).

With the National Movement for Food Inflation Control, his party will continue to cooperate with stakeholders, partners of farmers/gapoktan/cooperatives, central and local governments.

It was to ensure the availability of supplies, thus it is able to maintain food security, provide price affordability, and help control regional inflation.

"Food Station will continue to expand cooperation, increase synergy between regions and continue to innovate in maintaining food security in Jakarta," he added.

Jakarta Economics and Finance Assistant, Sri Haryati explained that in the face of inflationary fluctuations and to maintain food security, the Government invites all interested parties, including all levels of society to support efforts to increase food security and control inflation in Jakarta and nationally.

"It is done by supporting the National Movement for Food Inflation Control," she said.

Bank Indonesia Office for Jakarta Head, Onny Wijanarko revealed that the Jakarta TPID has carried out seven GNPIP flagship programs such as Budget Optimization for Subsidized Food Programs, Market Operations, and KPSH, as well as to maintain Purchasing Power, Expansion of Inter-Regional Cooperation, Optimization of Strategic Food Distribution Facilitation.

Other programs are Strengthening Information Technology Infrastructure, Digitizing Food Data, and Information, Strengthening Horticultural Commodity Security and Strengthening Other Strategic Food Supply, Increasing Utilization of Machinery and Food and Agriculture Equipment and Strengthening Coordination and Communication.

"With this well-established cooperation and synergy, we believe that our hope to always maintain Jakarta's inflation can be achieved," he concluded.

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