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KOPITALK Sesi Keenam 2022, Ayo Cek Performa Sosial Mediamu
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KOPITALK Sixth Session, Let's Check Your Social Media Performance

The Jakarta Communications, Informations, and Statistics Agency (Diskominfotik) held the Sixth Session of 2022 Public Communication Talk (KOPITALK) with the theme 'Let's Check Your Social Media Performance' online, Wednesday (9/21).

"how to" content is very relevant

Participants from various agencies under the Jakarta Provincial Government gained an understanding of how to analyze the performance of social media accounts.

The resource person for the Chief Strategic Officer, Syafiq Pontoh on that occasion focused the discussion on the use of analytic tools on every social media platform. He said, various social platforms are growing rapidly. Besides understanding the development of each platform, what is very important is understanding the role and function of social media users.

Jakarta's Vision for the Future Discussed in Diskominfotik Kopitalk

He said the ups and downs in consumption levels of various social media platforms were also related to audio-visual content or video content. Video content is stated to be in great demand by users of digital channels and social media.

"But we can see, from the many video content, sometimes we like to think, it has to be entertaining, it has to be comedians, and it goes viral," he expressed.

Whereas, he did not always think so. Users of social media accounts, especially in government, are actually important to understand how to create content that is "how to". For instance, how to make PBB payments, how to check MRT schedules, and so on.

"How to" content is content that is highly sought after by users on the internet and often we forget to create "how to" content. Often it's promotional content, ceremonial concerns like that, even though the "how to" content is very relevant," he concluded.

In analyzing the performance of social media, it is important to understand the three functions of social media, namely to build a network or network, to build interaction and communication on a relevant basis, and as a content distribution channel.

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