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Dinas Kominfotik Gelar Forum Komunikasi PPID Provinsi DKI
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Diskominfotik Holds Online Communication Forum for Jakarta PPIDs

The Jakarta Communications, Informatics, and Statistics Agency (Diskominfotik) opened an online Communication Forum for Information Management and Documentation Officials (PPID).

PPID plays an important role as a gateway for public information disclosure

There were around 418 participants in the forum, consisting of Regional Apparatus PPIDs, Mayor and Regency Administration PPIDs, DPRD PPIDs, Regional Hospital PPIDs, BUMD PPIDs, Sub-district PPIDs, and Urban Village PPIDs.

The theme taken in the forum was PPID Synergism in the Jakarta administration in Improving Information Services and Settlement of Public Information Disputes.

Diskominfotik Holds 2022 Sectoral Statistics Development from July 25 to 28

The material discussed related to the implementation of the Public Information Service Standard Perki (SLIP) in optimizing the performance of PPID in Jakarta to the mechanism for resolving public information disputes. It also discussed information about the implementation of Monev on Public Inform in the capital.

City Secretary Marullah Matali said that information disclosure is one of the indicators in realizing the implementation of good governance, transparent, effective and efficient, accountable, and accountability.

"In this matter, PPID plays an important role as a gateway for public information disclosure," he expressed, Thursday (8/11).

He went on to say that all public agencies must be ready to transform and innovate in maximizing information services to the public as the implementation of Law number 14/2008 on Openness of Public Information.

Thus far, the Central Information Commission (KIP) has also set Information Commission Regulation number 1/2021 on Perki SLIP. It was set as a regulatory reform related to minimum standards for public bodies in providing information services, improving public information services, providing certainty, and protection for public information requests.

"This is very important for all PPIDs to know about the development of these regulations," he continued.

With the renewal of these regulations, they were expected to synergize in providing information services to the public, producing quality information services, and being able to answer requests for public information.

"They must understand the mechanism for requesting information and resolving information disputes to minimize the occurrence of public information disputes in the future," he added.

Kominfotik Agency Head Atika Nur Rahmania uttered that the forum was aimed at building a communication network and harmonious cooperation between PPIDs of Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) in the implementation of public information services in Jakarta.

It was also aimed at improving a more comprehensive understanding of the implementation of Perki number 1/2021 on Perki SLIP in optimizing PPID performance within the administration and the mechanism for resolving public information disputes.

"This theme was chosen based on the experience and various questions that arise from PPIDs in the implementation of public information services, as well as related to the ratification of regulatory reforms related to Public Information Service Standards through Perki number 1/2021," she explained.

She hoped that the forum could improve PPID's insight and understanding of the better public information services as the main gate in providing the best information to the public.

"In addition, they can discuss further and provide input for optimal and better implementation of public information disclosure in Jakarta," she closed.

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