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Ancol bakal Gelar October Legacy Sambut Hari Batik Nasional
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Ancol to Hold October Legacy for National Batik Day

Sea World Ancol presents a special collaboration event between marine life and Akeyla Naraya

Sea World Ancol will hold a special event entitled October Legacy from October 1 to 9, 2022, in order to welcome National Batik Day, which is commemorated every October 2.

This cultural and historical collaboration will feature a series of exciting and interesting events, especially in the creative economy industry and batik as Indonesia's original cultural heritage.

TIJA-PPI Hold Underwater Flag Hoist Ceremony at Sea World Ancol

Ocean Dream Samudra and Sea World Ancol Division Head, Rika Sudranto said that Batik is an Indonesian cultural heritage that should be preserved and introduced to Indonesian children from an early age.

"Therefore, Sea World Ancol presents a special collaboration event between marine life and Akeyla Naraya, a young Indonesian Batik designer," she expressed, Thursday (9/29).

She explained that a variety of unique batik is presented to visitors. One of them is by displaying various fish biota that has body patterns such as batik.

These fish are like the Batik Oscar fish which has a flaming batik pattern, the Discus Fish which has a beautiful pattern such as the mega cloudy batik and the Guppy Long Tail which has a charming long tail like batik cloth.

"These three biotas can be found in a special aquarium Aquascape and rediscover the special Coelacanth Fish, as it is an ancient Indonesian fish which is an Indonesian Heritage for the world," she added.

According to her, one of the main shows was the underwater Batik Fashion Show. Akeyla Naraya will hold the first fashion show to be held in a hybrid of land and water.

The Batik Fashion Show in the main aquarium of Sea World Ancol will feature Akeyla's specially designed clothes. The fashion show was also performed in the art of dance Batik Bercerita tells the story of the Tarumanegara kingdom.

She added that another unique feature, a two-meter-high fish cake dish filled with fresh food fish, was presented to all the biota inhabiting the Ancol Sea World Main aquarium.

"The Fashion Show and Fish Cake Show can be seen by visitors on October 2, 2022," she added.

Not only that, but October Legacy is also a special space dedicated to friends with disabilities in showing their batik talents and displaying their work during the period from October 1 to 9, 2022. The children's operetta, which is a history of dance and sea animal stories, will perform on October 8, 2022.

Visitors can also watch the choir with the violins of disabled friends who will perform various historical songs inherited from their creators on October 9, 2022.

"Fun, joy, and various educational values will be part of the Commemoration of National Batik Day as well as being able to inspire and explore the potential of children in pursuing their dreams and preserving the existing heritage," she said.

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