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Pj Gubernur Sampaikan Pidato Penyampaian Raperda APBD 2023
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Heru Delivers Speech on Submission of Draft Bylaw for 2023 APBD

The Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) held a plenary session for the delivery of the Draft Bylaw (Raperda) for the 2023 City Budget (APBD) by Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, Tuesday (11/8).

General policies in the 2023 APBD draft include policies on local revenue, expenditure, and local financing

Previously, at the plenary session, there was also the MoU signing on General Budget Policy, as well as Budget Priorities and Preliminary Threshold (PPAS) by the legislative and executive leaders.

Starting his speech, Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, thanked the DPRD leaders and members who had discussed and reached an agreement to sign the MoU on KUA-PPAS, which was followed by the submission of the Draft Bylaw on the 2023 APBD.

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"General policies in the 2023 APBD draft include policies on local revenue, expenditure, and local financing," he expressed, at the City Council Building.

He explained that the total draft budget for local revenues and expenditures in 2023 was Rp 82.54 trillion or rose by 0.09 percent compared to the 2022 APBD by 82.47 trillion.

As for local revenue in 2023 is set at Rp 74.41 trillion, which includes Rp 52.68 trillion which is local revenue, transfer spending by Rp 18.45 trillion, and others by Rp 3.27 trillion.

"Meanwhile, regional spending in 2023 is Rp 74.34 trillion, which consists of operating costs by Rp 60.18 trillion, capital expenditures of Rp 10.94 trillion, unexpected budget by Rp 2.85 trillion, and transfer spending by Rp 356 billion," he explained.

As for the financing receipts in 2023, it is planned that Rp 8.12 trillion will come from an unused budget (Silpa) in 2022 by Rp 6.7 trillion and local loan receipts by Rp 1.42 trillion.

"Then financing expenditures in 2023 are planned at Rp 8.19 trillion, which will be allocated to BUMDs in the form of Capital Injection (PMD) by Rp 6.23 trillion, payment of principal installments by Rp 1.78 trillion, and local loans by Rp 176 billion," he stated.

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