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Diskominfotik DKI JAKARTA Raih Juara Umum di Acara AMH 2022
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Jakarta Diskominfotik Wins Overall Champion in 2022 AMH Event

For the second time, the Jakarta Provincial Government through the Jakarta Communications, Informatics, and Statistics Agency (Diskominfotik) won the General Champion award in the 2022 Public Relations Media Award, which was held at the Marriot Hotel Yogyakarta, D.I Yogyakarta, Thursday (11/24) night.

Hope it can further trigger the spirit of work

The event initiated by the Public Relations Coordinating Body (Bakohumas), Communication and Informatics Ministry competed in six categories, namely Public Communication Campaigns, Press Releases, Social Media, Internal Media, Websites, and Audio Visual.

Of six categories, the Jakarta Diskominfotik won Best 1 for the Public Communication Campaign category, Best 2 for the Social Media category, Best 1 for the Internal Media category, Best 1 for the Website category, and Best 1 for the Audio Visual category.

Diskominfotik - Kemenkominfo Holds Webinar to Become Competent Digital

Jakarta Diskominfotik Acting Head, Raides Aryanto disclosed that he was very grateful for the award. It was not easy to maintain the title of overall champion in this event.

"Hope it can further trigger the spirit of work for Diskominfotik colleagues to keep showing innovation, creative ideas, and be better," he expressed.

The same statement also came out from Diskominfotik's Public Communication Division Head, Nuruning Septarida. She hoped that it could motivate enthusiasm to work in providing more optimal information services to the public.

"Alhamdulillah (Thank God), the Jakarta Government can maintain the position of General Champion in this prestigious public relations event. We'll continue to strive in providing easy access to information and useful information to the public via the channels we have on social media and websites. We also continue to synergize with our press colleagues, thus this information can be conveyed on many channels," she explained.

"We will also continue to hear and serve the aspirations of the public. This award is a spirit for us to provide better information and communication services in the future," she added.

Communication and Informatic Minister, Johnny G. Plate conveyed that in today's digital era, there is great potential for hoaxes to spread. Thereby, the role of government public relations was crucial in conveying information to the public.

“Government Public Relations (GPR) has a central role in information dissemination in society. Namely as a bridge of communication between government work programs to the community. Congratulations to the nominees and award recipients. In the future, let's continue to increase the capability and utilization of technology and new media to answer the challenges of public relations in the digital era in order to realize a connected, more digital, more advanced Indonesia," he stated before giving the General Champion award to the Jakarta Government.

Each category in the event was assessed by judges who were experts in their fields, namely LPPSP FISIP UI Head, Ummi Salamah as the judge for the Public Communication Campaign; Chief Editor, Wisnu Nugroho as the judge for the Press Release (Online Media).

Then Social Media Practitioner, Wicaksono ‘Ndoro Kakung’ as the judge for Social Media; Tempo Reporting, Budi Setyarso as the judge for Internal Media Publishing; CNN Indonesia Chief Editor, Titin Rosmari as the judge for Audiovisual Media; and Kumparan Chief Editor, Arifin Asydhad as the judge for Website.

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