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KI DKI - PAM Jaya Ketersediaan Air Bersih
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Jakarta KI Emphasizes Information on Availability of Clean Water to RT Level

The Jakarta Information Commission (KI) asked Perumda PAM Jaya to emphasize public information regarding the provision of clean water down to RT and RW levels.

PAM Jaya's public information regarding the provision of clean water can reach the RT and RW levels

KI Chief Commissioner, Harry Ara Hutabarat appreciated PAM Jaya which has an important role and task in providing clean water for Jakarta people.

Previously, PAM Jaya had also won the best award for Public Information Disclosure (KIP) for Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) in the 2022 Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) held by Jakarta KI.

KIP Monev Appreciation, Heru: Public Information Disclosure is Citizen's Right

"We appreciate and congratulate PAM JAYA for winning the KIP award for the BUMD category in the 2022 Monev," he expressed, Friday (1/20).

According to him, the availability of clean water in Jakarta is still one of the hot issues discussed by residents. It was because there are still many slum areas in Jakarta that rely on well water to meet their daily needs.

Therefore, the management and provision of public information regarding the availability of clean water are also very much needed.

"Hope PAM Jaya's public information regarding the provision of clean water can reach the RT and RW levels," he explained.

He asserted PAM Jaya's commitment to implementing Law Number 14/2008 on Public Information Disclosure (KIP). It was expected that the quality of public information services that PAM Jaya has managed well so far could be maintained.

"As our commitment, Jakarta KI is also ready to cooperate with PAM Jaya, especially in improving the quality of public services," he stated.

Perumda PAM Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin hoped that in the future this synergy could be initiated through a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between Jakarta KI and BUMDs throughout Jakarta. Thus not only PAM Jaya won the best KIP award, but all BUMDs in Jakarta that has good quality and quality information services.

"Hopefully, in the future, there will be more BUMDs that can manage their public information properly and with quality," he explained.

He added that PAM Jaya will continue to strive to provide the best service for the people in Jakarta, including by opening the information needed by the community.

"We appreciate the award given. It makes us more confident that we must move quickly to open and provide the information the public needs," he stated.

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