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60 Ribu Pengunjung Padati Ancol di Hari Raya Imlek
photo Nugroho Sejati -

99,000 Visitors Throng to Ancol Over Weekend

The Ancol Taman Impian management has noted that as many as 99,000 visitors have visited Ancol from Saturday (1/21) and Sunday (1/22).

The number of visitors is higher than normal weekends

Ancol Taman Impian Public Relations, Ariyadi Eko Nugroho expressed visitors enjoyed various special events and content held during the Imlek or Chinese New Year holiday.

"The number of visitors is higher than normal weekends. Two days ago, we received 99,000," he said, Monday (1/23).

Getting to Know Tradition of 'Nganter Bandeng', Close Symbol of Betawian and Chinese

Of 99,000 visitors, 39,000 were recorded on Saturday (1/21) and 60,000 were on Sunday (1/22).

It was higher than previous weekends which reached around 23,000 to 30,000 visitors. Hopefully, it could touch 150,00p in three days.

"Today, we have special events like Panda Kungfu Show on the Ice Age indoor stage, sharing red packets, and Chinese New Year grand parade in Dufan," he closed.

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