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Revitalisasi Waduk Cilangkap 2 Dilanjutkan Tahun Ini
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Cilangkap 2 Reservoir Revitalization Work Resumed

Although it is already functioning well, the process of revitalizing the Cilangkap 2 Reservoir in RW 01, Cilangkap Urban Village, Cipayung, East Jakarta is continuing this year.

the current condition of the reservoir is functioning properly

East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar said the follow-up work on this reservoir, among others, the construction of sheet piles and stilts. Meanwhile, the sluice gates connected to Cilangkap Connecting Channel and Cilangkap Agro Tourism Long Storage have been installed and functioning properly.

"In this reservoir, there is a follow-up contract for the finishing of the work. In fact, the current condition of the reservoir is functioning properly, including sluice gates at the inlet and outlet," he expressed, Wednesday (1/25).

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Hopefully, the Cilangkap 1 and 2 reservoirs could be very useful in holding back water discharge from several channels or rivers in Cipayung.

East Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency Head, Wawan Kurniawan added that further work on the Cilangkap 2 Reservoir would be carried out by Jakarta SDA Agency. It has approximately 4.7 hectares, where the location is flanked by Cilangkap 1 Reservoir and Cilangkap Agro Tourism Long Storage.

"The conditions will be like in the Cilangkap 1 Reservoir. There will be a jogging track, a stage, neatly arranged sheet pile using concrete, and so on," he concluded.

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