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Pemprov DKI Menandatangani Kesepakatan Penataan Lahan Kosong Tol Becakayu
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City Signs Collaboration on Revitalization Under Becakayu Toll Road

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the land revitalization under the Bekasi Cawang Kampung Melayu Toll Road (Becakayu) along Kalimalang, Jalan Kartika Eka Paksi, Cipinang Melayu, Makassar, East Jakarta, Tuesday (1/10) morning.

Today we have an agreement with PT Kresna Kusuma Dyandra Marga (KKDMO) and Jasa Tirta II Company

According to him, the signing was related to the land revitalization under the toll road which consisted of cleaning, reforestation along the land under the Becakayu Toll Road, maintenance, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

"Today we have an agreement with PT Kresna Kusuma Dyandra Marga (KKDMO) and Jasa Tirta II Company regarding the revitalization of state-owned vacant land under the Becakayu Toll Road by planting trees and urban farming," he expressed at the location.

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He explained that the term of this joint agreement is valid for five years and will be followed up with a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) according to the agreed scope.

In this cooperation, the Jakarta administration was still coordinating with Bina Marga Director General and Water Resources (SDA) Director General for the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing as owners of State Property Assets (BMN).

"After this, we will conduct studies and technical discussions to compile this Cooperation Agreement," he explained.

East Jakarta Mayor, M Anwar explained that the revitalization work is the Acting Governor's consent to maintaining the Kalimalang River as a supply for the drinking water needs of the citizens of Jakarta and its surroundings.

It also ensures that the land is not used by irresponsible persons to be used as parking lots, tent stalls, and others.

"The point is this land must be green, neat, orderly, and well maintained, thus it can be utilized by residents. We will always supervise and monitor it," he asserted.

PT KKDM Engineering and Operations Director, Aryo Gunanto added that the signing also supports the arrangement of the operation of the Becakayu Toll Road starting from Gembrong Market to Bekasi along 16.9 kilometers. While the planting and arrangement under the Becakayu Toll Road had been carried out for up to eight kilometers.

"It makes us happy, as we do this arrangement collectively. Thus, the refinement of the arrangement under the toll road is more optimal and neatly arranged," he stated.

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