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Perayaan Jakarta Cap Go Meh 2023
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Jakartans Enjoy Cap Go Meh Celebration at Glodok

Hopefully, all those present at this event will be happy. This will be our pride

Residents were seen celebrating the Jakarta Cap Go Meh 2023 celebration, which is held in the China Town area, Jalan Pancoran, Glodok, Taman Sari, West Jakarta.

This event was held in cooperation with the West Jakarta administration, Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Parekraf), and Chinese Community Association.

Confused Where to Go? Let's Visit 'China Town at The Park' Performance at Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park

As many as 22 temples from five areas of Jakarta took part in celebrating the Toa Pe Kong Carnival which presents Indonesian and Chinese cultural performances to enliven the celebration 15 days after the 2023 Chinese New Year or Imlek.

West Jakarta City Secretary, Iin Mutmainah invited residents to participate in enlivening the event with a friendly atmosphere that had been built for a long time in Glodok area, Taman Sari. This celebration also shows that different Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, but still one.

"Hopefully, all those present at this event will be happy. This will be our pride," he expressed, Sunday (2/5).

His party would propose an annual agenda for the Cap Go Meh celebration in the China Town Glodok area, Taman Sari to be one of the leading destinations in Jakarta.

"We also express our gratitude for the support from the Jakarta Parekraf Agency for the 2023 Cap Go Meh celebration," he added.

According to him, West Jakarta residents have been waiting for this celebration as it had been in a vacuum for the previous two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We invite residents to maintain the cultural wealth that has been going on for hundreds of years in the Glodok Chinatown area," he exclaimed.

Jakarta Parekraf Agency Head, Andhika P added that the 2023 Jakarta Cap Go Meh celebration presented a cultural stage, various Indonesian cultures, processions, and Kirab Toa Pe Kong along with other Indonesian cultures.

"It is being held in the Glodok area, thus it can have an economic impact on tourism in Taman Sari and Kota Tua areas," he closed.

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