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PAM Jaya Sends Tanker Trucks to Marunda Flat

Perumda PAM Jaya has sent tanker trucks to help the residents of the Marunda Flat, North Jakarta who have had difficulty accessing clean water since last week.

As a temporary solution, we will send tankers there

Perumda PAM Jaya Service Director, Syahrul Hasan said the problem of clean water in the Marunda Flat occurred, as the supply position of the Cilincing Distribution Center (CDC) was far from the flat, so the pressure for clean water flow was very low.

"The Marunda Flat is located at the end of our CDC supply, so the pressure is low. As a temporary solution, we will send tanker trucks there," he said, Wednesday (2/15).

PAM Jaya Demanded to Focus on Public Services

He explained that those tanker trucks were deployed to help meet the clean water needs of flat residents. To support it, there would be communal reservoir would also be provided, which is not far from the flat and possibly close to Marunda STIP.

"This reservoir will be used for the medium," he explained.

He went on to say that it would work to overcome low water flow and clean water services for Jakarta residents could be optimal.

"We'll continue to meet the water needs of the residents here. We don't want residents to lack water. We'll solve this problem as soon as possible," he added.

As for the information, six towers of the Marunda Flat are experiencing water difficulties. To get around this difficult situation, the residents went down to the towers which did not experience water difficulties.

They filled gallons or buckets from taps on the lower floor of the flat tower. Some residents also go to neighbors or relatives who do not have water problems.

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