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PJ Gub Pelayanan PAM Jaya
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Heru Expects More Optimum Community Water Services

PAM JAYA is officially the only regional public company that manages and serves clean water in Jakarta.

We will strengthen it with online services which will be served even faster in the future

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono witnessed this historic moment in PAM Jaya's Coffee Morning Day 1 at IPA Buaran, Jalan Raya Kalimalang, East Jakarta, Thursday (2/2).

"Today, PAM JAYA takes over 100% of activities and operations to provide the best public service regarding clean water and its availability," he expressed, accompanied by Polda Metro Jaya Chief, Ir. Gen. Fadil Imran and Pangdam Jaya Maj. Gen. Untung Budiharto, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

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On that occasion, he explained several important points that must be observed by employees at the moment of change.

"First, I ensure that operations must run, services won't be interrupted, and raw water services will continue to improve. Thanks to Mr. Polda, Mr. Pangdam, and Mr. mayor who have led this process to this day," he explained.

He also appreciated and thanked PAM JAYA for all its efforts to ensure the smooth transition and transformation of the involvement of the two previous private partners, PALYJA and Aetra, in the management of clean water in Jakarta.

"Keep in mind that ending the involvement of private partners doesn't mean starting again from scratch. All that remains is to improve the footing that has been built and improve it better," he added.

PAM JAYA President Director, Arief Nasrudin explained that over the past year, PAM JAYA has carried out a transition and transformation process with good corporate governance and has carried out various assistance. That means this process indicates that PAM JAYA's readiness today is based on careful preparation.

"Alhamdulillah (Thank God), the transfer of knowledge without being accompanied by the termination of employment relations in both partners. When we recruit, the knowledge and people are automatically transferred. It was one of the breakthroughs six months earlier, as it had been prepared," he expressed. In addition, PAM JAYA is also committed to providing even better service.

Moreover, they are targeting 100 percent service coverage by 2030, as a manifestation of granting water sovereignty to all Jakarta residents without exception.

"To do it, they need an additional water supply of 11,150 liters per second and 4,000 km of pipes. Increasing access to piped drinking water is in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 6.1, which is to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all," he added.

PAM JAYA's operations have also been running smoothly with an integrated data system. However, improvements will continue to be made, especially in the digitalization process.

"We'll immediately update the data and customers don't need to worry, as everything is still running as usual. And we will strengthen it with online services which will be served even faster in the future, regarding complaints, obstacles, and new connections," he continued.

PAM JAYA has now ensured that five important elements have been fulfilled or are available, namely, a full operation organizational structure that accommodates partner employees including positions and titles, Human Resources (HR) quantitatively (number) and qualitatively (competence) who are ready to carry out full operations, business processes for managing the Drinking Water Management System (SPAM) to be implemented, systems and applications that are ready to be used for full operation, as well as operational and service support tools and materials.

"They have also ensured 5M readiness, namely readiness of human resources (Man), readiness of materials and work tools (Material), readiness of systems and applications (Machine), readiness for operations and services (Method), and readiness of the budget (Money)," he uttered.

They have also formed a Joint Team consisting of 16 teams from PAM JAYA, Palyja, and Aetra, with a total of 238 people.

This team carried out a joint kick-off and then followed by a full operational dress rehearsal for ten days in 120 locations, up to the final inspection carried out with the company's stakeholders.

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