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PAM JAYA Siap Operasional Penuh Pelayanan Air pada Awal Februari
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PAM Jaya Gears Up for Full Operation of Water Services Early February

Perumda PAM Jaya ensures that it is ready to carry out direct operational full water services after the end of the cooperation agreement between PAM Jaya and private partners.

PAM Jaya is ready from various aspects to fully operate piped drinking water in Jakarta

Previously, PAM Jaya had invited all stakeholders to witness first-hand the final inspection of full operational readiness after PAM Jaya's direct service starting February 2, 2023.

Perumda PAM Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin said this final inspection is the culmination of a series of operational preparations for PAM Jaya.

PAM Jaya - Polda Metro Jaya Pamobvit Beefs Up Security for Operational Services During Christmas

That preparation had started from the kick-off which was filled with a series of activities explaining duties and responsibilities, finalizing the technical rehearsal for D-day (workflow, schedule, and location), and finalizing the D-day readiness checklist.

"Further, an operational readiness ceremony will be carried out, then PAM Jaya will begin to fully operate," he said, Friday (1/27).

He explained that his party had ensured that the main elements of operational readiness were met, starting from the availability of a full operation organizational structure that accommodated partner employees including positions and titles. Including the availability of quantitative (number) and qualitative (competence) human resources who are ready to run full operations.

"PAM Jaya is ready from various aspects to fully operate piped drinking water in Jakarta," he expressed.

He added the Clean Rehearsal Joint Team also ensured the availability of SPAM management business processes to be carried out, the availability of systems and applications that were ready to be used for full operation,  and the availability of tools and materials to support operations and services.

"In the future, PAM Jaya will strive to realize water sovereignty in Jakarta by increasing 100 percent service coverage by 2030," he added.

As for the information, the final inspection was also attended by Economics and Finance Assistant, Sri Haryati; representative of Jakarta High Court, representative of Jakarta BPKP, Water Management Transition Task Force, BUMD Development Agency Water Management Transitional Task Force, Drinking Water Management Regulatory Agency, Home Ministry, and Directors and Supervisory Board of PAM Jaya.

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