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PAM Jaya Diminta Fokus Utamakan Pelayanan Masyarakat
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PAM Jaya Demanded to Focus on Public Services

Perumda PAM Jaya is officially the only regional public company that manages and serves clean water in Jakarta.

We want to focus on PAM Jaya's main service first

This matter has become the concern of all related parties, especially Jakarta Regional-Owned Enterprise Development Agency (BP BUMD) Acting Head, Fitria Rahadiani. She puts her full trust in Perumda PAM Jaya which has taken over 100 percent of clean water operations to provide the best public service.

"After 25 years, PAM Jaya's water management, which was previously with private partners, today took over 100 percent by itself. Hopefully, it can maintain public service and should be better," she said, Thursday (2/2).

Heru Expects More Optimum Community Water Services

She explained the transition period for Perumda PAM Jaya with Palyja and PT Aetra Air Jakarta has been going smoothly. Shortly, this BUMD will continue to develop 100 percent coverage of drinking water services until 2030. Currently, PAM Jaya's service coverage is only around 66 percent and is expected to reach 80 percent in the next three years.

"According to statutory regulations, to get a dividend of at least 80 percent. Hopefully, in the future, this transition period will get better, likewise with current investment and human resources," she hoped.

She explained that PAM Jaya had previously conducted outreach to the community regarding the transition period, the service process, and the tariffs charged by residents. Most Perumda PAM Jaya's customers are from low-income communities who are in the North region.

To meet their services, PAM Jaya has provided a communal reservoir or water tank method for people who have not been reached by pipes, so they can also enjoy clean water.

This method is expected to reach the Seribu Islands, where currently only Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) services are available.

As for the information, the tariff per 1,000 liters of water is only charged Rp 1,050. That means per one liter of water is only subject to a tariff of Rp 1.

"The tariff charged at the moment is very cheap and has not experienced an increase. We want to focus on PAM Jaya's main service first," she stated.

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