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Pj. Gubernur Heru Apresiasi Festival Kuliner Betawi Digelar di Dalam Mal
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Heru Appreciates Betawi Culinary Festival at Mall

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono appreciated the Betawi Culinary Festival, which is held inside the Central Park Mall on May 21-23, 2023 and the 2023 Jakarta Great Sale Festival (FJGS) simultaneously in 94 shopping centers/malls in five city areas, from May 21 to July 21 2023.

Can boost the economy of Jakarta and Indonesia.

It is a form of cooperation between the Jakarta Provincial Government and various parties, such as the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI) and the Association of Indonesian Retailers & Shopping Center Tenants (HIPPINDO).

Acting Governor expressed the event is held to welcome Jakarta's 496th anniversary. It also aims to improve and drive the wheels of the economy in Jakarta. The festival involves around eleven MSME tenants assisted by the Jakarta Provincial Government. They serve Betawi specialties, from starters like dodol Betawi, main dishes like asinan juhi, and kerak telor to desserts like es podeng.

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"Hopefully, with this Betawi Culinary Festival and FJGS, Betawi culinary and culture will be increasingly loved by the public and can boost the economy of Jakarta and Indonesia. We also hope that the public can share in the joy and enjoy this festival and various other events in the framework of Jakarta's anniversary," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta's PPID press release, Monday (22/5).

Jakarta MSME Agency Head, Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo added according to the Acting Governor's direction to introduce Betawi culinary specialties by synergizing with various parties, including all mall and retail entrepreneurs, the opening of the Betawi Culinary Festival is held in conjunction with FJGS activities. Thereby, he hoped Betawi culture and culinary would be widely known, even globally.

"Mr. Heru's invitation is a form of his concern to promote Betawi culinary and culture to become more widely known in the community. Because it turns out that there are many Betawi foods and snacks that taste good and suit many people's tongues," she explained.

She added his party had various programs that were carried out on an ongoing basis to advance Jakarta's MSMEs. One of them is by cooperating with our coached MSMEs to take part in various events or bazaars, such as the festival which is held at the mall.

FJGS was opened at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta, last Sunday (5/21). At the opening ceremony, attributes for Jakarta's anniversary were also handed over to several parties, such as Jakarta APPBI Chairperson, Hippindo Chairperson, Central Park Mall CPM Assets Indonesia President Director, Secure Parking President Director, Representatives from the Outdoor Advertising Association of Indonesia, and Jakarta Outdoor Media Companies Association Vice Chairman as a symbol of synergy with Jakarta Government.

At the opening of FJGS yesterday, there were also food reviews at the Betawi Culinary Festival by food vloggers, thus the excitement of this event could be widely conveyed to the public. This series of agendas is expected to provide benefits to the community and MSMEs in Jakarta in commemorating Jakarta's anniversary.

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