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4.300 Pelaku UMKM Jakbar Telah Terapkan Qris
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4,300 Jakpreneurs in Jakarta Implement Payments Using QRIS

The West Jakarta Sub-agency for Industry, Trade, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises (PPKUKM) has recorded that as many as 4,300 MSMEs or Jakpreneurs have implemented payments using digital payments through the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code (QRIS).

4,300 have applied QRIS digital payments

"From 42,000 Jakpreneurs, 4,300 have applied QRIS digital payments," expressed West Jakarta PPKUKM Sub-agency Head, Iqbal Idham Ramid, Friday (7/14).

According to him, the implementation of payments using QRIS had been carried out during bazaar activity at the sub-district and city levels.

S.I.A.P QRIS Launching, City Supports the Expansion of Digital-Based Trade

"It aims to facilitate payment and in business bookkeeping. When MSMEs or Jakpreneurs want to apply for capital, banks can view and analyze through QRIS transaction data," he explained.

Therefore, in the future, his party would continue to socialize the implementation of payments using QRIS to Jakpreneurs.

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