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PMI DKI Suplai Air Bersih Bagi Warga Membutuhkan
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Jakarta PMI Helps Supply Clean Water to Residents

The Jakarta Branch Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) continues to supply clean water to residents in need.

We are moving to help residents 

The release of the water tank truck was conducted after PMI's 78th anniversary celebration at the Jakarta Branch PMI Office, Jalan Kramat Raya, Central Jakarta, Sunday (9/17).

January - May, West Jakarta PMI Collects 18,000 Blood Bags

Jakarta Branch PMI Chairperson, Rustam Effendi said PMI is committed to continuing to help the community as the theme of PMI's 78th anniversary is "Menolong Sepenuh Hati" (Help Wholeheartedly). Today's clean water assistance reached 24,000 liters intended for 1,600 families.

"Currently, we're facing a dry period and there is also the impact of El Nino which causes drought. We are moving to help residents in Jakarta who need clean water, including in the Kalideres area, West Jakarta. Because water is a basic human need," he expressed.

He explained PMI would keep providing assistance, especially social services to the community. Thereby, Jakarta PMI would continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in order to improve services.

"Jakarta PMI has the motto SIAP, which is an acronym for Alert, Innovative, Accountable, and Professional. This motto must be implemented by Jakarta PMI," he explained.

He prompted all stakeholders in Jakarta to support Jakarta PMI in carrying out missions or providing humanitarian assistance to the community.

"I express my appreciation and gratitude to all stakeholders, Jakarta PMI, as well as all volunteers who have committed and devoted themselves to humanity, helping others," he explained.

Coinciding with PMI's 78th anniversary, awards were also given to those who had served Jakarta PMI for a period of 15 years and 25 years.

"This is not a short time. I feel proud, express my appreciation and thanks for the dedication that has been given," he added.

Hooefully, the spirit of 78 years of PMI could be a motivation to make further contributions and increase concern for helping others.

"We will continue to move to help others, helping with all our hearts," he exclaimed.

One of the recipients of the 25 year service award at Jakarta PMI, Endang Sasmito admitted that he was very happy and grateful to receive appreciation for the service he had done.

"This award is actually not the main goal for me. I feel happy to carry out a humanitarian mission, helping others in need," he said.

Central Jakarta PMI Caretaker, M Rico Sinaga uttered PMI's 78th anniversary is a momentum to be even better in the future in providing humanitarian services to the community.

"Jakarta PMI must always be at the forefront of humanitarian missions to help residents. Not only related to helping ensure the need for blood donors, but also broader," he stated.

As for the information, during the rally to commemorate PMI's 78th anniversary in Jakarta, PMI also distributed prizes to winners of making Tumpeng, Tiktok, Volleyball, and Futsal competitions.

Then tree seedlings were also distributed from the Ministry of Forestry and Environment and the Jakarta Parks and Forest Agency.

The ceremony was attended by Jakarta PMI administrators, employees, and volunteers from the provincial to city and district levels.

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