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 44 Jakpreneur Ramaikan Bazar Bulanan Balai Kota
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44 Jakpreneur Members Enliven City Hall Monthly Bazaar

Jakarta Industry, Trade, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Agency (PPKUKM) is again holding the Jakpreneur Monthly Bazaar at the City Hall Building on September 18-24, 2023.

This is also part of the guidance

The bazaar with the theme Great Work for Jakarta was attended by 44 coached MSMEs from all OPDs supporting Jakpreneur, Dekranasda, and PKK in Central Jakarta. In detail, 27 were culinary Jakpreneurs, seven were fashion Jakpreneurs, 10 were craft Jakpreneurs, and one was ornamental plant Jakpreneur.

Jakarta PPKUKM Agency Head, Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo said it is a concrete manifestation of increasing people's economy and a feeling of love for domestic products.

Central Jakarta PPKUKM Holds Jakarta Entrepreneur Bazaar

"This is also part of the guidance carried out by the PPKUKM Agency as one of the steps to improve the promotion of creative products and increase the use of domestic products (P3DN), as well as the National Movement Proudly Made in Indonesia (Gernas BBI)," she expressed, Monday (9/18).

She explained the MSME sector has a strategic role in a bid to maintain the growth of the real sector, thus it can run well. Small and medium industries also have the ability to withstand the economic crisis.

However, they also face various problems, including difficulties in marketing, limited access to information on market opportunities, distribution and procurement of raw materials and so on.

"By holding this activity, it is hoped that we can increase productivity and create new market access for MSMEs or Jakpreneurs and increase the promotion of creative products from MSMEs," she explained.

As for the information, the bazaar this time would also include capital training and workshops, socialization of the BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and Kesehatan program, digital marketing training and halal certification.

The PPKUKM Agency also handed over halal certificates to 261 Central Jakarta PPKUKM Sub-agency facilitation participants in 2023 at the opening of the bazaar.

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