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Pj Gubernur Heru Imbau OPD Mendukung dan Mengentaskan UMKM Binaan
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Heru Urges OPD to Support Coached MSMEs

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono urged regional apparatus organizations (OPD) under the Jakarta Provincial Government to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who are under the guidance of Jakarta Government.

Then also synergize with sponsors

Thereby, the products of the coached MSME can be increasingly recognized by the public and can develop their business.

The statement above came from the Acting Governor when he officially opened the Entrepreneurship Development Bazaar for Family Income Increasing Business Cadres - Family Welfare Empowerment (UP2K-PKK) at Jakarta City Hall, Tuesday (8/29).

Through Training, Bank DKI Supports MSMEs Facing Competitive Economic Era

"I ask everyone, including the MSME Agency, General Bureau, KPKP Agency, and other OPDs, to support Jakpreneur alleviation. The MSME Agency itself has a budget for MSME coaching every year. Then also synergize with sponsors," he expressed in the Jakarta Government's press release.

It was attended by MSMEs under PKK at Jakarta Province level. To provide an opportunity for MSMEs to promote their products, the Acting Governor directed the Jakarta Empowerment, Child Protection and Population Control Agency (PPAPP) as the bazaar organizer, to work closely with the Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperative Trade Industry Agency (PPKUKM) and the City Secretary's General Bureau, thus it could accommodate more coached MSMEs.

In the bazaar activity which lasted for three days, namely August 29-31, 2023, 56 MSMEs have opened booths in the Block G Hall. This number will increase on the second and third day of the bazaar.

"Besides the Blok G Hall, we can also open a place in the City Hall yard. Thus, more MSMEs are facilitated to promote their products," he expressed.

He is now also an adoptive father to eradicate MSMEs in Jakarta. She is currently fostering mothers in Kamal area, near the Tzu Chi Muara Angke Flats, North Jakarta. These women are coached to make fried onion products. He also fosters the sale of food products through food trucks. Later on, the food truck can be filled with product packaging from MSMEs.

"In PKK, cadres are required to be stunting adoptive mothers. I'm also an adoptive father in UMKM. I want to show that without APBD funding, training for them can actually work. It can only be eradicated, I will give an example for that," he explained.

According to him, MSMEs must also be given broad opportunities to market their products to the public. In this case, the PPAPP Agency is encouraged to work together with the PPKUKM Agency, thus PKK-coached MSMEs in every RW throughout Jakarta area can take part in the exhibition alternately.

He also proposed that the assisted MSMEs could market their products in Car Free Day (CFD) activities in five administrative cities, in collaboration with Satpol PP and the Transportation Agency (Dishub) to determine location points that were allowed for MSMEs. Then, he will ask the Parks and City Forest Agency to activate parks in Jakarta, such as the greenhouse in Menteng Park, to be used as selling locations for the assisted MSMEs in turn.

"So, the coaching of MSMEs is done by giving them opportunities and places to promote and sell their products," he asserted.

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