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Ketua Komisi D Dukung Rehab Total Kantor PMI DKI Terealisasi Tahun Depan
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Commission D Supports Next Year's Total Rehabilitation of PMI's Jakarta Office

Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) Commission D Chairwoman, Ida Mahmudah supports that the total rehabilitation of the Jakarta Branch PMI building can soon be realized in 2024.

Planning and other things will be completed this year and the actual physical work will be realized next year

According to her, it could not be realized this year, as it was too tight for the 2023 City Budget (APBD).

"If rehabilitation is executed this year, it won't be completed and has the potential to become multiyear, this is what we avoid," she expressed, Tuesday (9/19).

Commission D Completes Discussion of Revised APBD 2023

She explained it would be handed over to the Jakarta Cipta Karya, Spatial Planning and Land Agency.

"We'll do it on land owned by the Regional Government, thus the scheme is that the Jakarta Provincial Government will build it and then PMI will just use it, instead of a grant system," she explained.

According to her, it should be realized soon, as the existing building had previously been deemed inadequate to provide maximum services to the community.

"Planning and other things will be completed this year and the actual physical work will be realized next year," she explained.

Hopefully, with the new building, public services could be more optimal considering PMI is much needed by the community when there is a need for blood and disaster.

"Like it or not, we must pay attention to the need for a new, more representative building," she continued.

Jakarta Branch PMI Chairman, Rustam Efendi said the Jakarta PMI building was planned to have 10 floors.

"Three floors are for operational vehicles and other vehicles, while the other floors are to provide the best service for residents," he said.

He expressed his appreciation and thanks to the Jakarta Government and the Jakarta DPRD for giving great attention to the need for total rehabilitation of the Jakarta Branch PMI Office.

"My thanks and appreciation to the Acting Governor, DPRD Chairman, and legislators, especially Commission D, Jakarta TAPD, and CKTRP Agency. Hopefully, next year, we can already use the new building to further improve services and comfort for residents, without having to rent another place," he stated.

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