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Pengukuhan Panitia Bulan Dana PMI 2023
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Inaugurating PMI Fund Month Committee, City Secretary: Public Services must Be More optimal

City Secretary, Joko Agus Setyono, inaugurated the Jakarta Branch Indonesian Red Cross (PMI)'s Fund Month Committee 2023 at Block G Building, 22nd floor, Jakarta City Hall, Wednesday (9/20).

We have high hopes for the entire committee appointed today to carry out their duties and mandate well

The activity with the theme 'Successful PMI Funding Month for Advanced Jakarta' was held to collect funds which will later be returned to the community in various forms of services, such as medical assistance or health services, assistance in handling disasters for victims of natural disasters, providing safe blood for the community, education and training, development of the younger generation, as well as other humanitarian tasks.

He hoped that this year's PMI Fund Month saw an increase in donations collected and can be used as a source of financing for various public services. It was also hoped that its existence in every emergency situation in Jakarta could be of benefit to the community through various optimal services, and supported by continuously improving facilities and infrastructure.

Jakarta PMI Helps Supply Clean Water to Residents

"We have high hopes for the entire committee appointed today to carry out their duties and mandate well. As we know, the humanitarian tasks entrusted to PMI require quite a lot of funds. Hence, I want to invite all components of society to donate. Let's make this year's PMI Funding Month a moment for us to unite, support each other, and make Jakarta successful for a more advanced Indonesia," he expressed, in the Jakarta Provincial Government's press release.

Jakarta Branch PMI Chairperson, Rustam Effendi said that this year's Jakarta PMI Fund Month committee set a target of Rp 34 billion, the same as the previous year. Hopefullyzl, this year's Funding Month would see an increase in donations considering that it had managed to touch Rp 36 billion in 2022.

"Our target this year is Rp 34,300,000,000. Hopefully, we can exceed the target and we are optimistic that we will be able to exceed the previous year's results. I also want to thank everyone who has been willing to contribute to improving humanitarian services in Jakarta," he stated.

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