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 Pemkab Kepulauan Seribu Minta SPBU Apung Diadakan Kembali
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Seribu Islands Proposes Reoperating Floating Gas Stations

The Seribu Islands Regency administration has proposed that the Floating Gas Station (SPBU) in its area be re-operated.

Hopefully, we can realize it, to overcome fuel availability in Seribu Islands

Seribu Islands Regent, Junaedi said this proposal was made, because of the low supply of subsidized diesel fuel (BBM in Seribu Islands.

"The floating gas station previously operated in July-December 2021 on Pramuka Island and was very helpful to the community," he expressed, Wednesday (9/20).

Floating SPBU in Seribu islands Applies Card System

He explained that PT Pertamina has prepared three gas station points at Rawasaban and Kronjo ports, Tangerang, as well as Muara Angke Port, North Jakarta.

"Hopefully, we can realize it, to overcome fuel availability in Seribu Islands," he explained.

Jakarta DPRD Member, Muhammad Idris encouraged the reopening of the floating gas station, which is expected to facilitate the people of Seribu Islands to get diesel fuel without having to buy it from the mainland.

"We will help encourage PT Pertamina to immediately look for providers of floating gas stations in Seribu Islands," he stated.

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