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JID 2023 Diharapkan Mampu Hasilkan Ragam Inovasi dalam Membangun Jakarta
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JID 2023 is Capable of Creating Variety of innovations in Developing Jakarta

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono opened Jakarta Innovation Day (JID) 2023 in the Pattern Room, Jakarta City Hall, Monday (9/25).

This is part of innovation

At that time, he emphasized that every innovation that was born could be applied to develop Jakarta. JID is an annual activity held to provide a space for introducing innovation, networking, and knowledge exchange that supports the development of Jakarta and Indonesia.

"This is part of innovation, I hope it can continue to be held to develop Jakarta. Of course, this is part of an ongoing program and we will later compare it with other regional governments," he expressed, in the Jakarta Provincial Government's press release.

Satpol PP Introduces Innovation Program at Jakarta Innovation Day 2023

It is also a form of appreciation for all innovators, both from the community and government, in supporting the goal of developing Jakarta into a sustainable global city. It was hoped that the innovations produced by these innovators could become examples of good practice and could be replicated in other cities throughout Indonesia.

"Later, it will be assessed at the Home Ministry. My advice is that innovation doesn't always have to be big, it can be small, but useful," he added.

For instance, the Environment Agency throughout the Jakarta administrative area can innovate in waste processing. It does not have to be big but can be done on a small scale, such as a Waste Processing Site (TPS). Of course, the innovations created would later be synergized with existing programs.

"We'll synergize many programs and systems, the most important thing is not to burden the Jakarta Government's budget. The hope is that the innovations that are born will be appropriate and suitable in our environment," he explained.

While, Jakarta Bappeda Head, Atika Nur Rahmania added that JID 2023 has the theme 'Urban Innovation for Sustainable Jakarta', where this theme is very relevant to urban challenges in the world, such as mobility, environment, and economic growth.

This activity would take place over three days on September 25-27, 2023. This year's JID is also held on a larger scale, inviting representatives of other big cities in the Southeast Asia region, representatives of Sister City Jakarta, elements of Ministries/Institutions, DPD, Jakarta DPRD, BUMN, BUMD, Bappeda/Bappelitbangda/Brida Provinces throughout Indonesia and Bodetabek, Jakarta regional apparatus organizations (OPD), business actors, start-up companies, academics, NGOs and the community.

"We believe that with this synergy, we have the potential to develop a research and innovation ecosystem, thus it can create other innovations that can answer the challenges of urban development. Hopefully, this ecosystem can be a solution for Jakarta's future in order to act as a Sustainable Global City, which is known not only for its rich culture and heritage, but also for its innovation and progress," she explained.

Further, JID consisted of five main sessions, namely Sharing Innovation, Innovation Discussion, Innovation Meet-up, Innovation Exhibition, and Jelajah Jakarta (Jakarta Tour). In the Innovation Exhibition, the Jakarta Government synergized with business actors, start-ups, and schools, to fill 46 exhibition booths in the City Hall area.

Ahead of the implementation of JID, a series of JID 2023 pre-events has been held consisting of three activities, namely Socialization of Mainstreaming Sustainable Development Goals (TPB/SDGs) for junior high school and high school/vocational school level students, Intergenerational Planning Dialogue, and assessment The Jakarta Innovation Awards (JIA) 2023 for the first time will be attended by the Jakarta OPD and the community. The announcement of the JIA winners was made at the opening of JID, with the following details:

List of Innovation Winners by Jakarta OPD

1. Health Agency or DInkes (Kebayoran Baru Sub-district Health Center) - Optimizing UKGS Performance with SENYUMIN Collaboration System, Applications Based on Artificial Intelligence

2. Environmental Agency - Si Selang Biru Jaya (Greater Jakarta Blue Sky Emission Test System)

3. PPKUKM Agency - Jakarta Entrepreneur (Jakpreneur)

List of Innovation Winners by Society

1. Dewi Oktaviani/South Jakarta - Posyandu for Youth with Disabilities

2. Mahariah/Seribu Islands - My Island has ZERO Waste

3. Niken Ayu Respati/West Jakarta - Electric Batik Stove

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