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Peringati Harhubnas 2023, Pemprov DKI Dorong Kemajuan Layanan Transportasi
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Harhubnas 2023, City Prompts Progress in Transportation Services

City Secretary, Joko Agus Setyono became the master of ceremonies to commemorate National Transportation Day 2023 (Harhubnas), with the theme 'Melaju untuk Transportasi Maju' (Towards Advanced Transportation) at the field of Silang Selatan Monas, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Monday (9/18).

We want to create a Jakarta with better transportation in the future

It was attended by all members of the Jakarta Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) and the Jakarta transportation fleet consisting of the Transportation Agency (Dishub) and Jakarta BUMDs related to public transportation.

City Secretary, Joko Agus Setyono expressed the Jakarta administration is making efforts to realize improvements and encourage progress in transportation services, thus they are able to adapt to the times.

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"The motto tells that we want to create a Jakarta with better transportation in the future," he said, in the Jakarta administration's press release.

He explained Jakarta has a long history of managing transportation services from time to time. The progress in public transportation achieved to date is also the result of the work and innovation of previous leaders.

"As we see in the video broadcast of transportation trips from every era, there is now Transjakarta, MRT, and LRT in Jakarta. Hopefully, we'll get better at organizing and managing public transportation. So, we can create services that satisfy residents," he explained.

Even though Jakarta would no longer have status as the nation's capital, he committed the Jakarta administration would keep developing public transportation, by further equipping its fleet and strengthening its services.

"It is because Jakarta will become a global economic city. So, the number of people mobility won'tdecrease because of this new status," he stated.

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