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Jakarta Smart City Forum Dorong Jakarta sebagai Kota Cerdas Berskala Global
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JSC Forum Pushes Jakarta as a Smart City on a Global Scale

The Jakarta Smart City BLUD Management Unit (JSC) under Jakarta Communications, Informatics and Statistics Agency (Diskominfotik), held the Jakarta Smart City Forum 2023 with the theme 'Transforming Jakarta into a Smart City on a Global Scale' at Ayana Midplaza Jakarta, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (11/ 14).

Congrats to the innovators who have created the best innovations

This event was held to celebrate innovation and strengthen collaboration networks in building a smart city ecosystem.

Participants who attended consisted of leaders and representatives of regional apparatus organizations (OPD) under the Jakarta Government and other regional governments, founders or CEOs of startups and technology companies, as well as students participating in Student Science Research.

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Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono positively welcomed it as an effort to prompt Jakarta's transformation into a global city.

Then it could increase Jakarta's information and communication technology readiness index through digital literacy programs and support easy access to information with integrated electronic-based public services.

"As well as strengthening Jakarta as a center for digital talent. Congrats to the innovators who have created the best innovations to make Jakarta's transformation a success. Together, we will make Jakarta a smart city on a global scale," he expressed.

The same statement also came out from City Secretary's Government Assistant, Sigit Widjatmoko. He appreciated JSC for bringing together leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to celebrate achievements and plan future steps to make Jakarta a smart city on a global scale.

"During the activity, the optimism seemed strong because of the presence of qualified and very complete speakers, plus there was a community of students and startups," he stressed.

According to him, the City of Jakarta should be proud, as students as the golden generation in achieving a golden Indonesia in 2045 have high concern for problems that exist in everyday fields, such as handling waste and optimizing the existence of Tebet Eco Park.

He explained the Jakarta Government always tries to give development that accelerates everything, but without the support of residents and communities interacting together, of course this was only good conceptually.

"The hope is that there will be the basic needs of a city and our recommendations for developing a platform for Jakarta's future direction after it is no longer the capital. Jakarta's role and function remains the center of the national economy and as part of a global city," he explained.

As Diskominfotik Acting Head, he hoped that the optimism that radiates at this activity, the ideals and hopes of Jakarta as a smart city on a global scale, could be realized together.

"The synergy between government and society will be able to overcome various challenges in a bid to make Jakarta a smart city on a global scale," he added

JSC BLUD Head, Yudhistira Nugraha said this forum is one form of JSC's efforts to encourage the transformation of Jakarta as a global city. One of the indicators of being a global city is that there are 500 of the world's top companies in Jakarta.

"To get this company, we have to prepare the embryo, how do we provide Data Science Trainees, educate high school students to think critically. By so, Jakarta can become a global city like London and Singapore," he uttered.

He went on to say that several innovation activities were also held by JSC such as Student Science Research at the Middle School Level in Jakarta, Jakarta Smart City collaboration program with the Gerakan Seribu Startup Digital Team from the Ministry of Communication and Information. It is a form of special attention from the Jakarta Government to make Jakarta a startup headquarters in the future.

"Because as a global city, we must at least promote global startups. This activity is a form of Jakarta's contribution to Indonesia, as this year is Jakarta's last year as capital city, next year Jakarta will transform into a global city," he asserted.

As for the information, the topic of the Jakarta Smart City Forum 2023 discussion panel is Digital Transformation towards a Smart City: Experiences and Lessons from Jakarta, Food Waste Framework for Food Security in Reducing Carbon Emissions.

On that occasion, appreciation was also dedicated to the winners of the Student Science Research Competition and the Best Researcher from the Data Science Trainee Program.

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