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Tiga Tandon Air Hujan Dibangun di Pulau Panggang
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Three Rainwater Tanks Built on Panggang Island

The Seribu Islands Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency is currently building three rainwater tanks (tandon) on Panggang Island. These reservoirs are located around the sub-district office with two units and one in the RW 05 area.

We'll try to finish it by the end of this week

Seribu Islands SDA Sub-agency Head, Hendri expressed the rainwater tanks being built were 15 meters long, 110 centimeters wide, and 65 centimeters high with a capacity of 1,050 liters each.

"This work involves ten personnel where it has been ongoing since the end of last month. We'll try to finish it by the end of this week," he expressed, Monday (12/11).

SDA Sub-agency Makes Rainwater Reservoir on Pramuka Island

Hopefully, locals could use them to meet water needs.

Panggang Island Urban Village Head, Muhammad Fakih Burhanudin explained the rainwater tanks were made to accommodate water that previously existed at several points in residential areas.

Besides meeting residents' water needs, it also minimized groundwater use in the area.

"We use rainwater for the residents' water supply. By so, the groundwater supply does not become depleted and the island does not erode quickly," he stated.

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