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KPU Distribusikan Logistik untuk 396 TPS se-Kecamatan Johar Baru
photo Budhi Firmansyah Surapati -

C. Jakarta KPU Distributes Election Logistics to 396 Poll Stations in Johar Baru

The Central Jakarta General Election Commission (KPU), distributed logistics for the Election 2024 to 396 poll places (TPS) in the Johar Baru Sub-district area, Tuesday (2/13).

Once the logistics arrive at the RW post, it becomes the KPPS' responsibility

Johar Baru Sub-district Head, Nurhelmi Savitri said the logistics in the form of boxes, booths and paper ballots were directly distributed to the Voting Committee (PPS) under the supervision of Field Election Supervisor (PPL) officers in each sub-district to be taken to the TPS location in each urban village. Its distribution process was assisted by PJLP, Satpol PP, and Transportation officers.

"In total, there are 150 PJLPs from PPSU, Transportation, SDA, Bina Marga, Tamhut Sub-agency plus 150 Satpol PP, assisted by the army (TNI) and Police," he expressed, Tuesday (2/13).

Election Logistics in Seribu Island Distributed

Besides deploying personnel to help with the distribution process, his party also deployed 19 transport fleets.

"Once the logistics arrive at the RW post, it becomes the KPPS' responsibility," he expressed.

Central Jakarta KPU Chair, Efniadiyansyah added that in overall, there were 3,129 poll stations in his area. It was certain that the election logistics would be completed today.

"There are some who transit to PPS or urban villages, only those with the nearest TPS location. For others, it is most likely to go to the TPS location and transit to the RW secretariat," he stated.

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