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Sudin LH Jaksel, Tindak, Warga, Buang Sampah, Lokbin Pasar Minggu
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19 South Jakarta Residents Fined for Littering

The South Jakarta Environment Sub-agency (LH) has noted that 184 residents have been netted for throwing out trash beyond the time limit at the Pasar Minggu Temporary Waste Disposal Site.

This is an effort to maintain cleanliness and order

Legal Supervision and Compliance Section Head, Kamil said that 19 out of 184 residents who littered after operating hours were subject to fines.

"This fine money will go to the regional treasury and proof of payment will also be given to violators via WhatsApp," he expressed, Wednesday (5/22).

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He explained this action is a follow-up to the mandate of Bylaw Number 3/2013 on Waste Management.

"This is an effort to maintain cleanliness and order in the Pasar Minggu Temporary Waste Disposal Site," he explained.

According to him, operational hours at the Pasar Minggu Temporary Waste Disposal Site are from 5 AM to 9.30 AM. This policy was implemented because there are other trade activities, such as culinary delights, at this location so that the smell of the pile of garbage is not affected.

"If residents throw garbage beyond operational hours, they will be given sanctions as a deterrent effect," he asserted.

He urged the public, especially traders at Pasar Minggu, could be orderly in maintaining cleanliness for everyone's comfort.

"Obey the rules or policies that have been set," he added.

One of the traders, Marno (54), admitted the supervision carried out by the South Jakarta LH Sub-agency made the location of the temporary polling station tidier, especially when the garbage starts to be picked up, residents are rarely seen throwing garbage carelessly.

"It's good like this, hopefully, it will be consistently implemented so that everyone is comfortable, especially for us as breadwinners here," he stated.

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