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Kerjabakti di Karet Tengsin Angkut 9 meterkubik Sampah dan Lumpur
photo Budhi Firmansyah Surapati -

Nine Cubic Meters of Garbage Removed from Channel in Karet Tengsin

Nine cubic meters of garbage and mud were removed by joint personnel and residents from the channel on Jalan Karet Pasar Baru I, RW 06 Karet Tengsin Urban Village, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Sunday (5/26).

We want the environment to remain clean and comfortable

Karet Tengsin Urban Village Head, Hari Ananda said the cleanup action today is a routine agenda together with residents every weekend in all RWs.

"We want the environment to remain clean and comfortable. We also encourage and educate residents to keep the environment clean," he said.

Dirty Channel in Gang B on Jalan Kurnia Dredged

He explained today's cleanup action involved 80 joint personnel from PPSU, Bina Marga Executing Unit, SDA, Environment, Satpol PP, and Sub-district Park and City Forest Executing Unit.

Then also RT/RW administrators, Karang Taruna Unit, PKK, and public figures.

"We also clean up streets and prune trees prone to fall," he explained.

He hoped that it could further strengthen the relationship between government officials and residents.

Tanah Abang Sub-district Environment Executing Unit Head, Uda Wardi stated the cleanup involved ten personnel and also one unit of dump truck.

There was also, one unit of motor cart and one unit of dump truck each from the urban village and Bina Marga.

"This afternoon, all the garbage and mud was successfully transported. The total volume is nine cubic meters," he closed.

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