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Pj. Gubernur Heru Tinjau Sembako Murah di Bintaro
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Heru Visits Cheap Bazaar in Bintaro

Jakarta Provincial Government keeps strive to fulfill the food needs of Jakarta residents. One of the efforts is providing cheap staple food bazaar held at Pesanggrahan Balai Rakyat Sport Hall, Bintaro Urban Village, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, Friday (7/5).

Residents are able to buy staple food package by Rp 100,000

Acting Jakarta Governor, Heru Budi Hartono visited the program together with Head of the Regional Cooperation Bureau (KSD) of the Regional Secretariat of Jakarta Province, Marulina Dewi; Head of the Jakarta Province Food Security, Maritime and Agricultural Agency (DKPKP), Suharini Eliawati; and the Administrative Mayor of South Jakarta, Munjirin.

"Jakarta Provincial Government together with Bank DKI and Bank Indonesia held cheap staple food in Bintaro Urban Village, Pesanggrahan Sub-district. Bank DKI provided 1,000 staple food packages together with Bank Indonesia," Heru said, as quoted from Jakarta Provincial Government's press release.

1,000 Cheap Food Items Sold to Help Tanah Tinggi Residents

Heru stressed that Jakarta Provincial Government care about people's needs so they can buy more affordable basic necessities.

"Local government cares about the needs of the community, so that they can access basic necessities, including oil, rice, wheat flour, in one package. There are also egg and cooking oil at a cheaper price than the market," Heru added.

Jakarta Food Security, Maritime and Agricultural Agency Head, Suharini Eliawati, explained there are several food commodities that contributed to the inflation value in June 2024.

"The inflation rate in Jakarta for the period of June 2024 was 2.23 (yoy) and inflation of 0.12 (mtm). Food commodities that contributed to the inflation value in June 2024 were rice, cooking oil and garlic on an annual basis. Meanwhile, food commodities that contribute monthly are purebred chicken meat and red chilies," she explained.

She added that Jakarta Provincial Government tries to handle inflation rate by providing cheap staple food bazaar in several areas in Jakarta.

"Residents are able to buy staple food package by Rp 100,000 for 5 kilogram of rice, 2 liter of cooking oil, 1 kilogram of wheat, and 1 kilogram of sugar," she added.

Julia, one of local residents at RT 007/010, Pesanggrahan Urban Village, admitted this program is helping lower middle class housewives to obtain basic needs at affordable prices.

"The prices here are cheaper compared to the market. I hope the commodities to be added next time," she hoped.

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