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Transjakarta Sediakan Empat Layanan Khusus untu Feeder Stasiun KCI
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Here is PT Transjakarta's Support to Prevent Crowds in Tanah Abang Market

PT Transportation Jakarta (Transjakarta) is committed to support the mobility of residents in relation to efforts to prevent crowds in the Tanah Abang Market area. That is by providing four special services at four train stations, either from or to Tanah Abang Station, Central Jakarta.

Those of you who use train services can switch to Transjakarta services to their respective destinations

This is a follow-up to the Jakarta Governor's to provide feeder buses for the public following the decision of the Indonesian Commuter Train (KCI) which is not stopped at Tanah Abang Station since Monday (5/5) yesterday.

It is compliance with the Transportation Agency's Decree number 179/2021 on the Assignment of a Jakarta Transportation Limited Liability Company to Provide Free Transjakarta Bus Services for Supporting Operational Closure Activities at Tanah Abang Station.

Here is Surefire Way of Perumda Pasar Jaya to Avoid Crowds at Tanah Abang Market

Those four special services are Tanah Abang Station - Palmerah Station (TNB 1), Tanah Abang Station - Gondangdia Station (TNB 2), Tanah Abang Station - Duri Station (TNB 3), and Tanah Abang Station - Karet Station (TNB 4).

PT Transjakarta President Director Sardjono Jhony Tjitrokusumo disclosed, to support those routes, as many as 20 buses had been alerted and would serve people on May 3-12, at 3 AM - 8 PM. It was free of charge.

"Those of you who use train services can switch to Transjakarta services to their respective destinations. So, we can still serve the mobility," he expressed, Tuesday (5/4).

He explained they would pick up passenger from the starting point to the end point. This meant that all passing fleets would not stop at the bus stop traversed by these routes.

"We also have the Tanah Abang Explorer (GR2) service that will operate from 10 AM-6 PM," he explained.

He added the company also added 30 units on routes that usually operate around Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta such as Tanah Abang - Gondangdia Station (1H), Blok M - Tanah Abang (1N), Tanah Abang - Senen (1R) , and Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang (5F).

Then Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang via Cikini (5M), Kebayoran Lama - Tanah Abang (8C), Tanah Abang - Batu Sari Kebon Jeruk (8K), and Pasar Minggu - Tanah Abang (9D).

"It is done to anticipate the buildup of passengers ahead of Eid al-Fitr," he stressed.

He asked the commuters to always comply with health protocols. Transjakarta also imposed a limit on the number of commuters according to the provisions, namely a maximum of 50 percent of normal capacity.

"Articulated buses are filled with a maximum of 60 people, medium buses 30 people, small buses 15 people and Mikrotrans 5 people," he stated.

As for the information, the following are the health protocol that applies to Transjakarta services:

1. Ensure a safe distance when entering bus stops and buses, avoid overcrowding

2. Sit and stand on chairs that are not marked with a cross

3. Must wear a mask while on the bus

4. Avoid physical contact with fellow customers

5. No direct or mobile interactions on the bus

6. Always wash your hands under running water before and after boarding the bus

7. Provide hand sanitizer to maintain personal hygiene.

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