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Sudin KPKP Jaksel Monitoring 151 TPHK
photo TP Moan Simanjuntak -

South Jakarta Monitors 151 Sacrificial Slaughterhouses

It aims to ensure that the qurban animals, whether they are hygienic and fit for consumption or not

The South Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Sub-agency, monitored the 151 sacrificial slaughterhouses (TPHK) spread over 10 sub-districts, on Tuesday (7/20).

South Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency Head, Hasudungan Sidabalok said, it involved around 118 personnel who consisted of 55 people from KPKP Agency, 63 people from KPKP Sub-agency, and 11 others from Agriculture Ministry.

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According to him, it was more focused on the cleanliness of the site, the slaughter process to the post-slaughter inspection of the meat and innards of the qurban animals.

"It aims to ensure that the qurban animals, whether they are hygienic and fit for consumption or not," he expressed.

He added, on the first day, a total of 3,276 animals were slaughtered in 10 sub-districts. They were 379 animals in Mampang Prapatan, 548 animals were in Pasar Minggu, 523 animals were in Jagakarsa, 280 animals were in Pancoran, 210 animals were in Tebet.

408 were in Cilandak, 212 were in Kebayoran Baru, 173 were in Kebayoran Lama, 193 were in Setiabudi and 350 were in Pesanggrahan.

"Those 3,276 animals slaughtered consist of 2,174 goats, 909 cows, 184 sheep and 9 buffaloes," he stated.

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