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Dispusip Gelar GNSTA di Tahun Emas Kearsipan
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Dispusip Holds National Movement Awareness of Order Archives

The Jakarta Library and Archives Agency (Dispusip) once again held a National Movement Awareness of Order Archives (GNSTA) in the momentum of the 50th golden year of archiving with the theme 'Social Collaboration Guarantees Rescue and Preservation of State Archives'.

Hopefully, it is capable of creating accountability and welcome the era of digital transformation

It was held online and attended by 600 participants from the Regional Apparatus Archives Unit, BUMD, as well as the administrators of the Archives Forum/Indonesian Archives Association.

Acting Assistant for People's Welfare City Secretary, Uus Kuswanto, who opened the event expressed, it was held to accelerate the orderliness of archives and to improve human resources as the main resource in digital archive management, as well as to promote the acceleration of orderly archives and electronic-based archive rescue with a good and correct continuous improvement system.

Cultivating Reading Habit, Dispusip Promotes Baca Jakarta Movement

"The archives created must be managed efficiently and effectively in accordance with applicable archival standards and rules, especially the rescue of important archives, like vital, preserved, or static archives which are the collective memory of local governments. Hopefully, it is capable of creating accountability and welcome the era of digital transformation," he expressed.

Jakarta Dispusip Head, Wahyu Haryadi added, his agency also gave awards to regional apparatus archives units, BUMDs and archivists in improving technology-based archives.

"Together with related OPDs, we have also determined the assessment and ranking of several UKPDs/BUMDs and archivists, namely five from regional apparatus, four from BUMD, three from exemplary archivists at skill level, and two from exemplary archivists at skill level," he explained.

He also carried out coaching and supervisory duties in Jakarta as every year the Indonesian National Archives also supervised the performance of regional archives including the city administration.

Based on the results of the 2019 assessment, the city's archival performance got a score of 76.65 in the Good category. Then in 2020, they got a score of 83.15 in the Satisfactory category.

"We are currently trying to make continuous improvements and hope to improve archive performance even better, until it becomes very satisfying in 2021," he stated.

Here are the recipients of the archivist award:

Regional Device Category:

- Tourism and Creative Economy Agency

- East Jakarta City Secretariat

- Financial Management Body (BPKD)

- One-stop Integrated Service and Investment Service (DPM PTSP)

- West Jakarta City Secretary

BUMD Category:

- Bank DKI

- PT Jamkrida Jakarta

- PT Transportation Jakarta

- Perumda Sarana Jaya Development

Expertise Level Model Archives Category:

- Juniarti from Library and Archives Agency

- Okgani Suhyoko from DPM PTSP

- Wise Wineka from East Jakarta City Secretary

Skill Level Model Archives Category:

- Astria Zohrat from Tourism and Creative Economy Agency

- Reza Priatna from Library and Archives Agency

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