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Jangan Lupa! Saksikan Keseruan Battle Budaya Batak-Betawi Nanti Malam
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Jakartans, Let's Watch Betawi-Batak Cultures Battle Tonight!

Jakarta Culture Agency will hold collaboration event that bring together two cultures called Batak-Betawi Cultures Battle on tonight at 19:00.

This event will be broadcast live on Youtube Disbuddki and Jabrix Official

This event will be broadcast live on Youtube Disbuddki and Jabrix Official with concept of collaboration and challenge to two cultural elements. It will invite Hardoni Sitohang as art maestro from Batak, The 2ins and Rendy Silitonga, as well as Bang Malih, a Betawi artist, accompanied by Gambang Kromong. This event will be hosted by Jabrik and Coki.

This Betawi-Batak Cultures Battle event will also present Jakarta Culture Agency Head, Iwan Henry Wardhana and East Jakarta Culture Sub-agency Head, Hasanuddin as speakers who would explain about management and development plans of the two cultures.

Let's Visit JTS Kemayoran Culinary Tourism Center!

In this event, Iwan assessed, the two cultural elements can create a cultural ecosystem that synergized with each other. More than that, this event can further widen the door of collaboration between various elements of different cultures in filling and participating in maintaining and advancing Jakarta.

Jakarta Culture Agency which has been monitoring these cultural activities, sees the importance of providing support and facilities as form of its role in organizing government affairs in culture field in Jakarta, especially East Jakarta, even though the culture is not Jakarta's original regional culture.

"This activity is in accordance with Law of Republic of Indonesia No. 9/2007, Article 26 paragraph 6 that Jakarta Government preserves and develops Beatawi People's culture as well as protects various cultures of other regional communities in Jakarta Province," he added, Wednesday (9/29).

He explained hat Batak diaspora in Jakarta, especially East Jakarta, is quite massive. Lapo and cafes with Batak nuances line up along Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo, Cililitan, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, that also known as Kampung Mayasari.

"Going deeper, you can find settlements with complete infrastructures, such as churches, Gorga Mangaputua House, and Lapo (gathering places), and other places that commonly used for community activities," he mentioned.

He explained that the kinship of overseas Batak people in Jakarta is not only ties that built on similarity of clans or marriages, but also on strong regional relations. According to him, this is what makes Batak cultural activities can exist in Jakarta.

"This event want to ignite and motivate artists to be passionate in preserving the existing cultures, one of them is to make cultural events in order to create a synergy between cultures," he said.

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