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Mari Berkunjung Ke Pusat Wisata Kuliner JTS Kemayoran
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Let's Visit JTS Kemayoran Culinary Tourism Center!

Jakartans, there is a new recommended place to spend your weekend in the heart of Jakarta. It is called Jakarta Tentram Sejahtera (JTS) Kemayoran, a center for culinary tourism and outdoor live music. There are various foods you can try in this place, ranging from traditional to trending foods in Jakarta.

There are 200 kiosks in total

JTS Kemayoran Culinary Tourism Center Manager, Diana Oni Vianty said, JTS Kemayoran is a center of economic development for small medium enterprises under Jakarta Tentram Sejahtera Cooperative. Currently, there are 200 kiosks and it will continue to develop. For information, kiosks at JTS Kemayoran Culinary Tourism Center can be also used as a place to live, but with supervision.

"There are 200 kiosks in total. There are many tenants who rent more than one kiosk. Some of them rent two, three, up to maximum six kiosks. In developing this area, we are not only focused on culinary center, but also to develop activities such as Betawi cultural performances, sport activities, as well as bird and fish competitions," she said when met at manager office of JTS Kemayoran Culinary Tourism Cooperative, Jalan Garuda I, Gunung Sahari Selatan Urban Village, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Saturday (9/25).

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This cooperative, she assessed, is very helpful for MSMEs by providing 1 kiosk for ornamental fish traders who previously trading on Jalan Kartini. Kiosks for ornamental fish traders are also provided to enliven JTS, as well as a reference for visitors.

"Total 158 kiosks have opened since the implementation of PPKM Level 3. Visitors are also increasing. We continue to remind tenants and visitors to comply with health protocols by providing hand sanitizers and urge them to always wear mask," she mentioned.

One of ornamental fish kiosk owners, Adi Purwanto (28) said, kiosk rental price in JTS is very affordable. Moreover, the place is also comfortable and many tourists from within and outside the city visit the area.

"I just occupied this stall at the beginning of this year, because only this place that provides kiosks for ornamental fish traders. Besides, the rental price is also quite affordable," he conveyed.

Meanwhile, Hertika (72), one of culinary kiosk owners added, she has occupied the kiosks since JTS opened in 2019. Initially, she only rented two kiosks, but now, she rented total 6 kiosks. She sells food and beverages, such as soto, fried rice, and fresh drinks.

"Thank God, after opening kiosks in here, my turnover is increasing, so I can rent more kiosks. In addition to being used as place to sell products, I use this kiosk as a place to live with my children," she stated.

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