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BPBD DKI Imbau Masyarakat Hemat Air dan Waspada Terhadap Dampak Musim Kemarau
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BPBD: Drought Season, Residents Must Save Water and Be Alert to the Impact of Dry Season

The Jakarta Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) appeals to the community to be vigilant as it is starting to enter the dry season.

We are coordinating with each other to anticipate the impact of drought due to the dry season

Based on the forecast for the dry season in Indonesia in 2022 released by the BMKG, most areas of Jakarta have entered the start of the dry season since April 2022. Especially in East and South Jakarta, they will enter the beginning of the dry season in June 2022.

It would have an impact on drought which resulted in a scarcity of clean water and also increased air pollution.

BPBD Intensifies Health Protocols Monitoring in Terminals and Stations

In the last five years (2017-2021), the dry season had an impact on the community. Even at that time, the Jakarta administration formed a Clean Water Task Force in September 2019 to ensure that clean water supplies were available to the community.

Jakarta BPBD Executive Head Isnawa Adji said, to anticipate it, his party had coordinated with the mayors/regents to calculate the need for clean water, especially for people living in drought-prone areas and for areas that had not been served by a clean water network.

"We are coordinating with each other to anticipate the impact of drought due to the dry season, especially with the Water Resources (SDA) Agency and PD PAM Jaya who are on standby for mobile Water Treatment Plants (IPA) as well as water tank cars to be ready to meet the needs for clean water for residents during drought," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release, Monday (5/9).

Aside that, the nature of the rain would be in an 'Above Normal' condition, namely, the dry season rainfall is higher than the climatological average. Meanwhile, the peak of the dry season is predicted to occur from July to September 2022.

BMKG noted in the last week during the period from May 1 to 7, 2022 that the maximum temperature measured was between 33 to 36.1 degrees Celsius. They ensured that the hot air temperature that occurred was not a heatwave phenomenon, but was triggered by several factors, such as the apparent position of the sun which is now in the north of the equator. It indicated that some parts of Indonesia would begin to enter the dry season.

The dominance of sunny weather and low levels of cloudiness can optimize the reception of sunlight on the earth's surface thus the temperature conditions felt by the community become quite hot during the day.

Thereby, he also called on the community to start saving water in response to this dry season transition, including checking gas cylinders regularly to prevent gas cylinder leaks that can trigger fires.

"Let's make it a new lifestyle. We also need to anticipate the threat of fire disasters in buildings and settlements together as a form of vigilance against the impact of drought in the dry season," he closed.

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