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Transjakarta & Produsen Bus Listrik asal Inggris Tandatangani MoU Kerjasama
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Transjakarta Agrees to Collaborate with British Electric Bus Manufacturers

Transjakarta finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the provider and producer of electricity-based buses, Switch Mobility Limited in London, on Friday (5/13) afternoon.

Hopefully, Transjakarta has wider access to electric bus providers in local and other parts of the world, especially the UK

The signing was officially executed by PT Transjakarta President Director M Yana Aditya and Planning Office Switch Mobility Limited Chief Sarwant Singht.

It was witnessed by Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan; Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Indonesia Richard Graham MP; Indonesian Ambassador to London Destra Percaya; Assistant for Economics and Finance Sri Haryati; Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) Syafrin Liputo; and PT Transjakarta's Operations and Safety Director Yoga Adiwinarto.

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"Hopefully, Transjakarta has wider access to electric bus providers in local and other parts of the world, especially the UK. They currently has innovations in technology, financing and procurement models that are growing rapidly," expressed the Governor, in a written statement.

PT Transjakarta President Director M Yana Aditya  welcomed the achievement of the MoU on this cooperation. By so, he was increasingly confident that Transjakarta could support the achievement of Net Zero Emission through the presence of electric buses as public transportation in Jakarta.

"It is currently still in the exploration stage with Switch Mobility Limited, which will test their buses on the Transjakarta route. This trial is in accordance with the applicable Minimum Service Standards (SPM) from the aspect of testing and Transjakarta operational standards," he added.

He went on to say that it could be made in the second quarter of 2023. If it went as expected, the cooperation would be officially continued in order to operate electric buses in Jakarta.

According to the 2015 Paris Agreement, the Indonesian government is targeting the achievement of Net Zero Emissions by 2060. Then in 2030, the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) would be set to reduce carbon emissions by 29 percent and by as much as 41 percent with foreign aid.

"One of the factors to achieve this target is to decarbonize the transportation sector. We believe it can be realized considering conventional buses will be electrified and use electricity-based buses as a whole in 2030," he stated.

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