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Perkuat Implementasi Armada Bus Listrik, Transjakarta Gandeng Bloomberg
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Transjakarta Partners with BNEF to Strengthen Electric Bus Implementation

Transjakarta targets that 50 percent of the buses that will be operational by 2025 will have switched to electric buses. To realize it soon, they have locked the cooperation with a UK-based provider of strategic research on global commodity markets and disruption technology, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

Hope they (BNEF) help us to prompt the transition to a low-carbon economy and achieve net-zero emission targets

PT Transjakarta President Director M Yana Aditya disclosed the cooperation was marked by the signing of a cooperation agreement in London, England on Friday (5/14).

"Hope they (BNEF) help us to prompt the transition to a low-carbon economy and achieve net-zero emission targets through the electrification of Transjakarta buses," he expressed, Monday (5/16).

Net-Zero Emissions, Jakarta Holds Bilateral Meeting and Signs MoU with BloombergNEF

He went on to say that Governor Anies Baswedan also attended and witnessed the agreement signing. His presence was a form of the Jakarta administration's commitment to participate in the achievement of a fossil-fuel-free roadmap initiated by C40 Cities.

Following up on that, Transjakarta is committed to transitioning conventional buses to electric buses with a target of 50 percent of buses by 2025 and as a whole by 2030.

On that occasion, the Governor stated that the momentum was a place for discussion about sustainable mobility, and the development of sustainable public transportation. By so, the two parties could exchange ideas regarding climate change mitigation measures in Jakarta in the future.

He also explained to BNEF that Jakarta was developing pedestrians, bike tracks, integrating multi-modal public transportation, and many other initiatives. It was related to the electrification target of 50 percent of the Transjakarta fleet by 2025 and the electrification of the entire Transjakarta fleet by 2030, including the policies related to sustainable mobility.

"This collaboration aims to manage data and research to support the adaptation of energy transitions in the form of electric buses," he exclaimed.

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