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Kerja Sama Transjakarta-BNEF, DTKJ Harapkan Percepatan Program Jakarta Langit Biru
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DTKJ Expects Transjakarta - BNEF Cooperation to Accelerate Jakarta Blue Sky Program

To strengthen electric bus implementation in Jakarta, PT Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta) builds collaboration with Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), a provider of strategic research services on global commodity markets and disruption technology from the UK.

DTKJ supports the cooperation between Transjakarta and BNEF since it is in line with DTKJ's five recommendations

Jakarta City Transportation Council (DTKJ) supported Transjakarta's decision to collaborate with BNEF and hoped it could accelerate the realization of the Jakarta Langit Biru (Jakarta Blue Sky) program.

Transjakarta Partners with BNEF to Strengthen Electric Bus Implementation

"DTKJ supports the cooperation between Transjakarta and BNEF since it is in line with DTKJ's five recommendations regarding acceleration in vehicle electrification towards Jakarta Blue Sky," said DTKJ Chairperson Haris Muhammadun in a written statement received by on Tuesday (5/17).

Previously, DTKJ had submitted five recommendations, namely electrification of Transjakarta buses, accelerating electric vehicles infrastructure, accelerating regulations related to incentives for electric cars in Jakarta, accelerating ERP implementation, and limiting the age of motorized vehicles operating in Jakarta.

In accelerating the electrification of Transjakarta buses, he mentioned that if necessary, Jakarta Government could procure electric vehicles for all procurement of official vehicles. DTKJ assessed that Jakarta people's interest in electric vehicles is quite high, but they are still skeptical about product capabilities, infrastructure availability, and selling prices.

"Ready or not, we have to do it if we don't want to be left behind by other countries. Because in fact, the use of electric vehicles is very good for reducing air pollution and saving energy. DTKJ hopes the five recommendations regarding acceleration of electrification vehicles in Jakarta can be realized soon," he conveyed.

In addition to the Jakarta Blue Sky program, his side expected that acceleration in vehicle electrification could reduce traffic jams in Jakarta. He encouraged all sides to continue to build synergies and collaborations to make transportation in Jakarta better.

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