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DTKJ Dukung Penuh Rencana Penerapan Ganjil Genap
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DTKJ Fully Supports Odd-Even Implementation Plan in Jakarta

The Jakarta Transportation Council (DTKJ) supports the odd-even traffic policy implementation plan on 26 roads in Jakarta by Jakarta Provincial Transportation Agency (Dishub).

Its implementation should be in locations that already have Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ELTE) system

This policy is deemed following the condition of road volume which is gradually returning to normal as before the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We fully support it. With a note, its implementation should be in locations that already have Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ELTE) system to easily take action by the Polda Metro Jaya," said Jakarta DTKJ Chair Haris Muhammadun through a written statement received by, Friday (5/20).

DTKJ Expects Transjakarta - BNEF Cooperation to Accelerate Jakarta Blue Sky Program

Therefore, the Dishub was asked to socialize the plan as well as possible. Hopefully, the community could get clear information in a bid to avoid miscommunication in the field.

In anticipating the movement of people to the use of motorbikes, they should instruct the Transjakarta fleet to operate routes that have not been operated so far, especially the odd-even affected routes.

So, he hoped that the Jakarta administration to immediately implement electronic-paid roads, so odd-even does not need to be applied continuously, but only temporarily.

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